Meet High Alpha

Our Team

Our background lies in both starting companies from concept to businesses and scaling companies from $10M to $100M and beyond. We are a dedicated team of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors with a proven track record of building and scaling enterprise cloud companies.

Scott Dorsey
Managing Partner
Kristian Andersen
Mike Fitzgerald
Eric Tobias
Matt Coffman
VP of Product
Jon Hubartt
Design Director
Blake Koriath
VP of Finance
M.T. Ray
VP of Talent
In Residence
Scott McCorkle
Executive in Residence
R. J. Talyor
Co-Founder in Residence
Clara Doti
Designer in Residence
The Team
Drew Beechler
Marketing Analyst
Nancy Gutwein
Talent Specialist
Brigitte Hackler
Financial Analyst
Chad Hostetter
Amanda Jones
Executive Assistant
Srikar Kalvakolanu
Research Analyst
Shon Marie Keesling
Executive Assistant
Ryan Larcom
Director of Strategy & Innovation
Kolby McElvain
Jillian Walker
Executive Assistant
Mark Williams

Our Approach

Our process for building companies revolves around three distinct characteristics.

Dream Big

We constantly challenge ourselves to push boundaries, defy conventional wisdom, and take smart risks by pursuing big opportunities hiding in plain sight.

Move Fast

We push ourselves and portfolio companies to build processes and systems that compress time, speed, and decision-making to produce results faster.

Expect More

We demand the best from ourselves, our team, and our partners. We create the context for success by providing the appropriate resources, infrastructure, training, and mentorship required to win.