A New Model for Entrepreneurship

High Alpha Studio

We conceive, launch, and scale next-generation enterprise cloud companies through the application of business strategy, world-class design, and product development.

The Craft of Company Building

Building enterprise cloud companies is a craft that sits somewhere between art and science. Throughout the venture lifecycle, High Alpha is involved in creating, operating, and advising our studio companies.


Success is a game of inches. By speeding ideation, product development, fundraising, recruitment, and sales, inches turn into feet and feet add up to miles.


By emphasizing discipline and maintaining a focus on our core strengths and experience, we will build enormously-valuable businesses.


By constantly iterating and improving processes, we are able to vet concepts more accurately, establish product/market fit faster, and achieve more predictable outcomes.


We believe in starting small, thinking big, and scaling fast. We are well-resourced and backed by some of the top VC firms in enterprise SaaS.


Launching a successful startup is difficult—scaling one is even harder. Our team has deep experience starting-up as well as scaling-up.


We’ve built multiple industry-leading companies in the Midwest, which offers up a bevy of competitive advantages, such as: access to talent, customers, and a supportive community.

Platform Services

High Alpha provides the critical infrastructure, talent, services, and resources that companies need to innovate and scale quickly.

Product Development
Recruiting & HR
Marketing & PR
Brand & Design
Sales & GTM
Back Office

Our Investors

High Alpha Studio is backed by leading B2B SaaS investors.

Our Partnerships

We partner with leading technology platforms, educational institutions, and service providers dedicated to helping early-stage startups.