2016’s 50 Most Innovative Tech Products (Part I)

by Srikar Kalvakolanu

As a part of my responsibilities at High Alpha, I am asked to keep up on interesting companies and industries in order to inform investment decisions for High Alpha (both for High Alpha Studio and Capital). As such, I am constantly stumbling over interesting companies in a variety of spaces from VR to soft robotics. I find inspiration in terms of ideas, visions, and products from each of the companies I look at, and it is a vital part of my success to know where High Alpha should be spending time and attention. As such, I thought it would be interesting to create and present an annual list of “50 Most Innovative Tech Products”.

We broke the presentation into three, rapid-fire segments to speed through the 50 products in 15 minutes. Some disclaimers before you watch the video:

  • I do not receive any payment to promote these companies, I just think they’re cool. There’s no particular order or reason why they’re here.
  • This list is subjective and based on my own opinions and thinking. If there’s something missing, it’s because I had limited space or thought something else was more interesting for one reason or another.
  • I’m not Mary Meeker, nor am I trying to emulate her. Any correlations or similarities are simply coincidental.
  • I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on each product or company, but the list of the companies is at the bottom of this post for your reference.
  • Thanks to Product Hunt, where I found a good number of these products.

Without further ado, check out Part I below:

List of Companies/Products in order: