3 Tips for Sharing Meaningful Social Content for Your Company

by Paige Haefer

Our highly-digitized world allows us to access an unlimited stream of social content from the channels we choose to tune into. With the plethora of content that now exists, it is more important than ever for companies to be sharing meaningful content. A re-evaluation of the content your company is pushing out via social channels should occur every few months to ensure consistency and allow improvement. Below I have shared some thoughts on other ways to make sure your company’s content is meaningful.

Keep Values in Mind

Your company has values for a reason. They are the core principles that should be driving every business decision. The content that the rest of the world views from your company should always align with the internal values your company uses to operate. Therefore, it’s important to keep values in mind when sharing content. If something contradicts a core value, don’t share it. Use your values to inspire and power the type of social posts and engagements you choose to spend your time on. At High Alpha, our values are to Dream Big, Move Fast, and Expect More. Holding these at our core allows us to hone in on the right content we want to add our voice to.

Remember Relevance and Consistency

It can be easy to get caught up in how much content your organization is pushing out and forget about content relevance. While consistency is key to ensure your company’s social channels stay engaging and fresh, relevance is all about the quality of content. Reevaluate how often you are posting and sharing social content. If the goal is to simply fill a certain number of post slots, take a deeper look into what that content is. It’s better to share the best, most timely, and interesting content more times than to let the relevant content get lost in a clutter of random articles and commentary. Ensure that your organization is pushing out content that is strong, timely, and interesting to followers. Consistency is important to keep followers active and aware of your presence, but relevance is also important to keep followers genuinely interested in what you share. Utilizing analytics to observe what type of content is attracting the most attention on your channels can be helpful in ensuring future content is relevant to your strengths and followers.

Involve Everyone

No matter the size of your company, more than just a single individual should feel responsible for the content of the organization. What your company shares represents everyone at the organization and everyone’s voice can contribute to this message. Make sure your organization feels empowered to share relevant content internally for continued growth and learning. If everyone feels like they can openly share, those in charge of social content will have more resources. For in-house content such as blogs or articles, consider every voice relevant and think outside the box on who could be sharing insights. Every voice in the company has something to say, so reach out beyond the marketing team or traditionally “strong” writers for new ideas. Everyone has a wheelhouse and if asked to write within that category, non-traditional writers will have some great things to say and share about their area of expertise.

The stockpile of content in our digital world will continue to grow. As this happens, those managing social content will continue to adapt and reconsider how they go about producing and selecting content. Let’s grow together—feel free to share your thoughts on meaningful social content below!