Building the Marketing Team at Your Startup with Dave Gerhardt, Founder of DGMG – Episode 1.12

by High Alpha

On April 29, Dave Gerhardt, Founder of DGMG, joined us for our first virtual Speaker Series. Dave has built his career in marketing at some of the world’s most successful tech companies, including Drift, HubSpot, and Constant Contact. At the time of this interview, Dave was the CMO at Privy. Privy has since been acquired by Attentive. Today Dave is building his own consulting business called DGMG, which provides marketing education and consulting for high-growth B2B startups.In this episode, we revisit Dave’s Speaker Series where you’ll learn:

  • How the best marketers, salespeople, and brands reacted to COVID-19
  • Dave’s advice for making your first marketing hire
  • How Dave would construct the marketing team at a SaaS startup
  • The importance of brand, no matter what growth stage you are at
  • Why copywriting is an important skill, no matter what role you hold