A New Model for Entrepreneurship: The Venture Studio

With David Cohen, Julie Sandler, Joe Gerber, and Kristian Andersen

Alloy is an annual invite-only event that brings together investors, startups, and leading Fortune 500 innovators who are interested in learning how to better engage with startups. In 2019, we hosted 300+ attendees in San Francisco for a day of inspirational content sessions and relationship building. An alloy is the union of two or more base metals resulting in a new, stronger, and more useful compound. We think this is a fitting metaphor for large corporations and startups that successfully work together.

High Alpha Partner Kristian Andersen sat down with three fellow venture studio leaders at #Alloy2019 to discuss the rise of the venture studio as a new model and investment vehicle for early-stage innovation. Their discussion covered the dynamics and economics of a venture studio and why entrepreneurs should start businesses inside a venture studio. One of the major themes of the discussion was the importance of talent in the venture studio model. The three panelists included: