Tim Kopp

In August 2016, Tim Kopp, Partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, joined us as our guest speaker at our High Alpha Speaker Series. Prior to joining Hyde Park Venture Partners, Tim was the CMO of ExactTarget for 6+ years. Tim helped grow ExactTarget from $50M to $400M in revenue, through IPO, and ultimately to a $2.7B sale to Salesforce. Prior to ExactTarget, Tim was the CMO at Webtrends, and prior to that, he ran interactive marketing for Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble.

Tim has a passion for building culture, delivering ROI, and developing incredible branded experiences. During the Speaker Series, Tim sat down with High Alpha Managing Partner Scott Dorsey to discuss a wide range of topics including marketing, culture, and venture capital. Watch the recording of their discussion to hear Tim’s advice for both founders and marketers.