Get to $100M ARR While Burning Almost Nothing: 6 Learnings in 6 Years

by Drew Beechler - Director of Marketing

Featuring Zoom CEO Eric Yuan

On SaaStr Annual 2017 Day 2, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan sat down with Chief Business & Product Officer at RPX Corp. Mallun Yen to discuss “How to Get to $100m ARR While Burning Almost Nothing.” Zoom — a fellow Emergence Capital portfolio company — was founded almost six years ago, so Eric and Mallun dug into six specific learnings over the past six years from Zoom’s successful journey.

Learning #1: Go with investors who invest in you.

Eric told entrepreneurs to pick early investors that believe in YOU, not just the metrics, product, or traction in the business.

Learning #2: Don’t wait to raise until you need it.

Learning #3: Spend more, burn less.

At Zoom, their philosophy has been to first prove an idea or tactic works, and when you realize that it works, you double-down and invest heavily in that channel.

Learning #4: Don’t grow too fast.

Zoom has been methodical about building an amazing product, focusing on their NPS, and not growing too quickly. As Eric noted, Zoom’s NPS was an incredible 69 in Q4 2016—up from 67 in Q3.

Learning #5: Hire people with potential for growth.

Learning #6: Culture is the #1 priority.