High Alpha IdeasEnsuring Ethical AI/ML Practices

Artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML) promise to unlock a revloutionary intelligence layer across software in every vertical. “Foundational models” like GPT-3 and DALL-E have been trained by feeding them virtually the entire internet. New and existing businesses are building on top of these foundational models and fine tuning them for specific use cases. Despite the rapid progress and adoption, there are few guardrails or standards in place for how ethically leverage AI/ML. That is starting to change, and New York City was recently the first to passed a law around AI/ML use in the hiring process. We believe the scrutiny and stakes for businesses will continue to grow, especially when the outcomes have high-stakes, real-world impacts. We want to build a tool that helps businesses vet models and data sources to ensure they are ethically leveraging AI/ML.

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Ensuring Ethical AI/ML Practices