Innovation in the Midwest: Entrepreneurship Outside of Silicon Valley

by High Alpha

On November 22, 2019, Zylo CEO Eric Christopher and Anvl CEO Robin Fleming were featured on the Recode/Decode podcast. The podcast covered the Indianapolis tech scene’s growth in recent years, as well as the impact of the ExactTarget acquisition on the city’s startup growth.

High Alpha Studio built and scaled two of the companies featured on the podcast: Zylo, an enterprise SaaS management platform, and Anvl, a real-time workplace safety platform.

Eric and Robin discussed company building in an area not typically associated with the digital revolution, including hiring and retention and the challenges of attracting venture capital funding. They acknowledged the foundation that the more than 150 Fortune 500 companies in the midwest have helped to build, as well as the impact that companies like Salesforce, Angie’s List, Lilly, and Cummins have made.

“We do have a challenge of keeping people in Indiana, and the message I wanted to bring to the table is one, you can be a female CEO and start a company, and two you don’t have to go to Google or Facebook to be part of a super cool company in the Midwest,” Robin said. “You can join these startups, and be a pivotal role model, and a pivotal person in a company that’s really making a difference.”

Listen to the full Recode/Decode podcast episode below: