Innovation Isn’t About Creating New Things

by Ryan Larcom

It’s about creating change.

I’ve written before on the process of Innovation. But as I’ve been presenting on this topic recently, I’ve found people preoccupied with architecting the inputs of innovation — such as implementing new design tools and methods — rather than focusing on driving the outcome of innovation:

The creation of organizational change

The tools are fun and shiny, but if we do not create an environment in which Innovation can thrive, we risk having our new concepts for products, experiences, and revenue streams fall on deaf ears.

Innovation is always disruptive; it always challenges the status-quo. Innovation never exists in equilibrium within corporations, which are inherently incentivized by bottom-line metrics and a constant focus on ROI. These forces are too powerful to overcome alone. Innovators must use their influence to win the hearts and minds of others across the business, especially Executives.

I’m devoting a series of blog posts to discussing how the War for Innovation is won: by creating change through influence. Through the course of this series, I’ll unpack the tricks of the trade I’ve learned from across disciplines, so that you can apply them as you seek to create change within your circle of influence.