The Importance of Trusted Advisors with Jason Jacobs, CEO of Runkeeper – Episode 1.5

by High Alpha

On April 14th, 2021, Jason Jacobs joined High Alpha Partner Mike Fitzgerald for a virtual fireside chat about his background and perspective on this very timely and important topic.

In 2016, Jason’s company Runkeeper, one of the largest fitness apps and communities, was acquired by ASICS. Post-acquisition, he turned his attention to climate change and understanding how he could address the problem with his skillset as a long-time software entrepreneur.

He is now a venture investor and the host of the My Climate Journey podcast dedicated to those seeking to understand climate change better and how to help. The show also includes a bi-weekly startup series dedicated to showcasing new climate tech startups.

In this episode, we revisit Jason’s Speaker Series where you’ll learn:

  • The importance of great partners and advisors as an entrepreneur
  • Why you should focus on work the excites you
  • Lessons from building a successful startup and how it’s okay to question yourself 
  • What the future holds for technology addressing Climate Change