Work-Life Balance as a Founder & CEO With Jeremy Swift, Founder & CEO of Cordial – Episode 1.9

by High Alpha

In December of 2019, Jeremy Swift sat down with Eric Tobias to discuss his background, entrepreneurial journey, and philosophy for work-life balance. Jeremy is CEO and Co-Founder of Cordial, a platform that enables marketers to deliver personal, relevant, and emotionally intelligent messages across any channel. Today, brands like Revolve, Edible Arrangements, Toms, and 1-800-Contacts use Cordial. Prior to Cordial, Jeremy was VP of Sales & Strategic Accounts at BlueHornet.

In this episode, we revisit Jeremy’s Speaker Series where you’ll learn:

  • Lessons learned from starting his first business venture and how that helped him build Cordial
  • How to find the right balance between his family and his job
  • The importance of prioritizing mental health