Introducing Our Interns: The Next Generation of Talent

by Tatum Lynch
Picture of all of our interns.

This summer, five talented interns have been working inside High Alpha HQ as part of TechPoint‘s highly sought-after summer internship program. These students have made a remarkable impact in their companies and leveraged their start-up environment like pros. We have loved working with them!

Saad Ali

Introducing Saad Ali, a Marketing Intern at Tenon. He will embark on his junior year at Purdue University this fall. He loves lasagna and wanted to be a professional soccer player when he was kid. Before bidding adieu to his internship, Saad wants to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Within Tenon, Saad collaborates with the Sr. Director of Marketing on the company’s social media presence and public relations efforts. By leveraging Google Analytics, Saad analyzes engagement metrics to shape content ideas that resonate with the target audience. In addition, he also crafts copy for the team’s website. 

Picture of one of our interns, Saad Ali.

Siwen Hu

Next in line is Siwen Hu, a Software Engineer Intern at Tenon. Siwen is a rising senior at Purdue University. Her favorite food is spaghetti, and her childhood dream was to be Sherlock Holmes. Before her internship is over, she hopes to explore the Newfields Art Museum.

Within Tenon, Siwen’s role centers around helping the team build the only marketing management platform on top of ServiceNow. She is focusing on developing a new calendar component to display users’ daily tasks, further enhancing the platform’s functionality. 

Picture of one of our interns, Siwen Hu.

Zoee Huxford

Now, let’s turn our attention to Zoee Huxford, a Marketing Intern at Castiron. She is preparing to embark on her senior year at Purdue University. She loves Greek food and wished of becoming an architect as a child. Since beginning the summer, she loves playing sand volleyball with her friends and hopes to visit many of Indiana’s parks.

At Castiron, Zoee’s primary focus revolves around content creation and SEO. Collaborating closely with the Growth Marketing Manager, she is focused on analyzing engagement metrics, ultimately devising a social strategy tailored to the company’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). 

Picture of one of our interns, Zoee Huxford.

Tyler Liu

Next is Tyler Liu, a Software Engineering Intern at Tenon. He will begin his sophomore year at Purdue University this fall. He loves eating ramen, and he used to dream of becoming a police officer. Before he goes back to school, Tyler is excited to explore the many museums in Indianapolis and learn more about its history. 

At Tenon, Tyler is using JavaScript and HTML to develop a component for the company’s activity stream, empowering users to engage in seamless communication and share attachments. Furthermore, his code implementation ensures timely notifications regarding task status updates. 

Picture of one of our interns, Tyler Liu.

Jackson Saysana

Finally, we have Jackson Saysana, a Software Engineer Intern at Holder. He will begin his junior year at Purdue University in August. He loves a classic Philly cheesesteak and always knew he wanted to be an engineer. Before he leaves Indianapolis, he hopes to try all the restaurants on Massachusetts Avenue.

At Holder, Jackson partners with the engineering team to focus on the product’s back-end. His projects have largely dealt with data organization and interfacing with the company’s database.

Picture of one of our interns, Jackson Saysana.

We have really enjoyed hosting these interns this summer! We can’t wait to see all the incredible things they will achieve and the impact they will make. Check out our open roles to work with amazing people like our interns.