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  • Who should apply?

    Anyone from first-time founders to experienced entrepreneurs with an idea for a B2B software business is invited to apply. Demonstrated passion for the problem you wish to solve and appetite to build a leading B2B software company alongside the world’s leading B2B venture studio is a must.

  • What is the application timeline?

    Application's for our May 2021 Sprint Week are now closed. If you’re interested in joining a future sprint week, apply here.

  • What does the week of Sprint Week look like?

    Break out into teams consisting of design, marketing, HR, finance, business design resources to begin tackling the identified business problems & opportunities.

    Monday: Begin the ideation process and determine the best way forward
    Tuesday: Validate the opportunity through research and customer outreach. Begin brand development
    Wednesday: Develop go-to-market and pricing strategies. Build a product demo.
    Thursday: Final presentations to broader High Alpha team

  • What are the benefits of working with a venture studio?

    Access to talented designers, marketers, GTM & sales leaders, finance and business designers. Once in Studio, access to High Alpha Capital and other investors from our network, colocation opportunity at Bottleworks (or remote), mentorship from experienced company builders.

  • Why partner with High Alpha?

    We’re in the business of building businesses. We pride ourselves on our operating experience. We’re partners, which means we don’t just tell you what to do — we do it alongside you. As a venture studio, we allow you to focus on building a business, finding customers, and cultivating your team, while we handle everything else. High Alpha Studio surrounds you with all of the expertise you need to build a successful business, from marketing and design to recruiting and finance.

    As a part of High Alpha, co-founders are embedded into our network of experienced operators. In addition to mentorship and access to studio services, you’ll also be introduced to potential investors, partners, world-class talent, and more. You’ll build and expand your business at our office in the Bottleworks District of Indianapolis, eliminating “find an office” from your to-do list.

  • Does every company that goes through Sprint Week become a High Alpha company?

    No, but we endeavor to give every idea entering Sprint Week a high chance of success.

  • What types of startups does High Alpha fund?

    High Alpha creates and invests in B2B SaaS companies.

  • Can I participate if I’ve been in another accelerator?


  • What are the studio economics?

    As part of our vetting process leading up to Sprint Week, we will walk you through our economic model in detail and ensure all your questions are fully answered.

  • How far along does my company need to be in order to apply?

    Ideal candidates will have proposals ranging from thoughtfully constructed problem statements to pre-revenue prototypes to minimal-revenue MVP’s. We are not looking for expansive business plans. Companies that have raised capital or are meaningfully post-revenue should not be considered an ideal fit for this Sprint Week.

  • Do I need to move to Indianapolis to be a part of the program or after the program?

    No. While co-locating in Indianapolis has benefits once a business is formed when it comes to face-to-face exposure to our team and portfolio companies, we have many examples of co-founders who have successfully founded with us remotely.

  • Where does Sprint Week take place?

    This sprint will be conducted remotely. We will share updates regarding location as needed.

If you have additional questions about High Alpha or your Sprint Week application, please contact Eric Smith at