The 20 Minute VC Featuring Scott Dorsey

by High Alpha

At High Alpha, we are big fans of The Twenty Minute VC podcast. High Alpha Managing Partner Scott Dorsey recently joined Harry Stebbings on his podcast, discussing everything from product-market fit to selling ExactTarget to Salesforce for $2.7B and working for Marc Benioff.

You can listen to the Podcast episode here and subscribe to the Twenty Minute VC for Harry’s future episodes here.

During the interview, Scott and Harry dive into:

1.) How Scott made his way into the world of venture from founding ExactTarget.

2.) What was it like to work directly for Marc Benioff? What were the biggest learnings and takeaways? What were the biggest challenges?

3.) With a startup studio producing companies and a fund investing in them, how does Scott avoid the negative signalling that is inherent within these 2 structures?

4.) Having seen so many successful SaaS startups, what does product market fit look like to Scott? From the studio, what are the biggest challenges his startups face in hitting product market fit?

5.) What are the fundamentals that all startups should focus on in the quest for product market fit? What are the challenges? How should this be measured?

We hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to catch future episodes of The Twenty Minute VC!

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