The Evolution of Venture Capital with Seth Levine, Partner and Co-Founder at Foundry Group

by High Alpha

On June 24th, 2021, Seth Levine joined High Alpha Partner Kristian Andersen for a conversation about his new book, The New Builders, and his career working with startups for 20+ years.

Seth Levine is currently involved in venture capital investing as well as operational, transactional, and advisory roles at both public and private companies. He is a Partner and Co-Founder of the Foundry Group.  

Seth Levine began his venture capital career at Mobius Venture Capital. Prior to Mobius Venture Capital, Seth Levine joined FirstWorld Communications, which is a restart of a data communications company. He then led the IPO process for FirstWorld’s IPO in 2000 and negotiated simultaneous equity investments from Microsoft, SAIC, and Lucent Technologies.

In this episode, we revisit Seth’s Speaker Series where you’ll learn:

  • The catalyst for his latest book, The New Builders 
  • Current and future state of entrepreneurship
  • Stories about new builders making an impact in their local communities