This VC built an email marketing company in Indianapolis that he sold to Salesforce for $2.5 billion. Here’s why he thinks the city could be the next big tech center.

by High Alpha

High Alpha’s Scott Dorsey is hoping to turn Indianapolis into a high-tech hub. 

If you were asked to name the top tech hubs in the US, you’d probably list San Francisco or Silicon Valley, New York, and maybe Boston, Seattle, or Austin.

Scott Dorsey is hoping that someday soon you’ll include Indianapolis on that list.

Indiana’s state capital has all the right ingredients to become a tech center, according to Dorsey, a managing partner at High Alpha, a venture firm and startup studio based there. Dorsey knows first-hand that the city can foster innovation. He founded and helped build cloud marketing service provider ExactTarget in the city before selling the company to Salesforce in 2013 for $2.5 billion.

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