Why Hospitality Matters

by Hannah Bishop - Executive Assistant

At High Alpha, hospitality is a key component of our brand — and we understand the importance of investing our energy and resources in unusually excellent office experiences.

We are continuously hosting investors, job candidates, entrepreneurs, government leaders, partners, and portfolio companies inside High Alpha’s walls. This wide array of guests means we must stay committed to providing a world-class experience to anyone that walks through our doors.

One way High Alpha has invested in its brand is by adding an Office Coordinator to our team. As Office Coordinator, my primary focus is advancing High Alpha’s brand recognition by focusing on hospitality and the in-office experience our guests enjoy. From the time a guest walks in the building to when they leave — often with a coffee to-go — their experience is top of my mind.

During my time at High Alpha I’ve identified three reasons why hospitality matters.

1. Demonstrates Value

By going above and beyond in taking care of our guests, we are demonstrating that we value their involvement in our mission: to create and execute a new model for entrepreneurship that seeks to help companies reduce friction, increase velocity, and achieve enterprise scale. We are continuously reevaluating and adjusting our hospitality practices to better fit our brand and convey gratitude to our guests.

2. Showcases the Importance of Relationships

The most valuable assets we have are the people who work with us. In that mindset, it is essential to build relationships with each person who spends their time at High Alpha. Upon entering our space, a warm welcome and refreshment instills the notion that they are important and appreciated at High Alpha before a meeting even begins.

3. Illustrates Consideration of Ideas

Innovation is the driving force at High Alpha and it is our job to dream big and help bright people innovate faster, smarter, and easier. The people who bring ideas to High Alpha are crucial components in our creative machine. Likewise, those that believe in our ideas and help move them forward are doing us a massive service that we want to reciprocate. We often provide delicious meals and send our guests home with branded gifts as a reminder of our appreciation.

Providing exceptional hospitality is a key part of our brand and reinforces my favorite High Alpha core value: Expect More. We strive to design an experience that is far better than average because ​expecting more matters at High Alpha. We’re grateful for the phenomenal people we get to work with everyday. Thank you to those who have visited High Alpha and helped us move forward!