Winning the War for Talent

by High Alpha

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High Alpha’s VP of Talent M.T. Ray recently joined TinderBox COO David Kerr, Betts Recruiting founder and CEO Carolyn Betts Fleming, and The Bridge Group President and Chief Strategist Trish Bertuzzi in a webinar to discuss the war for sales talent.

In the webinar, they discuss the challenges with attracting top sales talent and tips for your sales recruiting efforts. Check out the recap and recording below to learn more.

Finding, attracting, and retaining top sales talent is a challenge for high-growth SaaS companies. Today’s sales professionals aren’t looking for just high compensation and perks — they’re looking for companies that offer a fulfilling mission, a path for personal and company growth and a holistic approach to work and life.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How employee experience drives a winning company culture
  • Why executive teams must get — and stay — involved in sales recruiting
  • Whether the efforts to increase diversity in tech are working