Beyond Innovation Theater

With David Horowitz, Ian Small, Dave Knox, Lisa Coca, and Mike Fitzgerald

Alloy is an annual invite-only event that brings together investors, startups, and leading Fortune 500 innovators who are interested in learning how to better engage with startups. In 2019, we hosted 300+ attendees in San Francisco for a day of inspirational content sessions and relationship building. An alloy is the union of two or more base metals resulting in a new, stronger, and more useful compound. We think this is a fitting metaphor for large corporations and startups that successfully work together.

High Alpha Partner, Mike Fitzgerald, sat down with four leaders for an engaging panel at #Alloy2019 to talk about how large corporations are innovating and moving “beyond innovation theater” to drive transformational innovation in their businesses. Our panel included a number of experienced practitioners in corporate innovation exploring how to engage with startups and move beyond “innovation theater.” They discussed the many different ways that corporates engage with startups and gave specific advice for how startups should navigate those waters and should think about engaging with large companies and corporate venture capital arms. The panel included: