Fireside Chat with Aaron Levie and Scott Dorsey

Aaron Levie Alloy

Alloy is an annual invite-only event that brings together investors, startups, and leading Fortune 500 innovators who are interested in learning how to better engage with startups. In 2019, we hosted 300+ attendees in San Francisco for a day of inspirational content sessions and relationship building. An alloy is the union of two or more base metals resulting in a new, stronger, and more useful compound. We think this is a fitting metaphor for large corporations and startups that successfully work together.

For the final session of Alloy 2019, High Alpha Managing Partner, Scott Dorsey, sat down with Box CEO Aaron Levie for a Fireside Chat.

Aaron Levie is Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, and Chairman at Box. He is the visionary behind the Box product and platform strategy, incorporating the best of secure content collaboration with an intuitive user experience suited to the way people work today. Aaron leads the company in its mission to transform the way people and businesses work so they can achieve their greatest ambitions. At Alloy, Aaron and Scott sat down to unpack a number of themes from a course Aaron teaches at Stanford University, The Industrialist’s Dilemma. They explored the lessons of the world’s best startups taking on legacy industries as well the fastest-adapting industrialists that are putting digital at the center of their future strategies.