Gumroad Founder’s Framework For Owning a Business — Without It Owning You Back – Ep. 1.7

by High Alpha

In October of 2021, Gumroad Founder Sahil Lavingia sat down with High Alpha Partner Kristian Andersen to discuss the framework from his new book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, and his entrepreneurial journey.

Before founding Gumroad at the age of 19, Sahil was a part of the founding team of Pinterest and built over 20 smartphone apps. Sahil is also an angel investor in startups like Clubhouse, Lambda School, Figma, Notion, and HelloSign.

In this episode, we revisit Sahil’s Speaker Series, where you’ll learn:

  • Sahil’s career in tech and journey as a young entrepreneur
  • His simple framework for owning your own business
  • His predictions for the rise of the creator economy
  • Gumroad’s historic crowdfunding on
  • Themes from his new book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur

If you’ve ever thought, “maybe I should start my own business,” only to stall when complications pop up, then this episode is for you.