Our mission is to build the future by creating and launching enterprise software companies. We are in the business of starting new businesses and are constantly researching, vetting, and validating new business ideas. Below are a handful of ideas and industries we are currently pursuing. We're looking for exceptional entrepreneurs and early customers to join us and turn these ideas into businesses.

Creating NFT Experiences for DTC Brands

Next-generation consumer brands are more than the products they sell — they're the experiences they provide customers. NFTs represent a new paradigm in community building by establishing a new role for the customer as owner. But today, the few brands leveraging this technology are spending too much money only to reach too few of their customers. Reducing the barrier to entry for brands and their customers will democratize access to this new form of brand experience.

Community Management and Automation for the Web3 World

Every new NFT, crypto, and web3 project today starts with a community. Strong communities align around a project's mission, help one another, provide critical product feedback, stick around, and - critically - bring in more users. Today, community managers spend hours manning Discord to engage members and be present. A platform to manage and segment communities would help community managers build better relationships with their members.

Empowering People Managers

Fixing culture and employee engagement is seen as an HR problem, but the impact that managers have on employee happiness and success is far more direct and measurable. Unfortunately, there is no standard playbook for becoming a great people manager. Some managers receive formal training and development, but many grow into leadership positions and are left to navigate the new role on their own. We want to create a platform that delivers real-time insights and coaching to managers enabling them to build better and higher performing teams.

Rethinking Enterprise Software Sales

In enterprise software sales, buyers and sellers are frequently at odds over payment terms. Sellers prefer cash upfront, but many of their prospective customers don't have the dollars on hand to pay upfront for an annual contract. As a result, companies either lose deals, steeply discount annual options, or accept monthly payments when they prefer annual contracts.

Activating Product Alumni Networks

When a customer moves on to a new company, sales is often left in the dark. These “product alumni” are familiar with the software and more likely to buy or broker the right intro at their new company. The data about their verified career move is out there, but uncovering this information as a sales rep is manual and tedious. We want to better position companies to activate these opportunities.

Human-Powered Customer Marketing

People buy from people. Regardless of your industry or the services you sell, your customer is the most important part of your business. Building and maintaining a robust customer marketing strategy is critical to retaining customers while also attracting new customers to your business. We want to enable meaningful interactions between prospects and your most valuable customers to improve the buying experience and believe that technology could help build robust customer marketing programs without the additional headcount.

Unlocking Talent With Network-Led Recruiting

With a record number of people leaving their jobs, retaining and recruiting talent is harder than ever. Research indicates that both the potential new hires and employers prefer referrals. Why? For the employee, getting referred provides an inside look into a company’s culture and employee experience from a trusted resource. For the employer, referrals take the least amount of time to recruit, are more affordable to hire, stay the longest, and have the lowest turnover rate. Despite this, most companies do not have an effective process to encourage referrals from their internal and external network. A platform that leverages the power of network would revolutionize the recruitment marketing through referrals.