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Our mission is to build the future by creating and launching enterprise software companies. We are in the business of starting new businesses and are constantly researching, vetting, and validating new business ideas. Below are a handful of ideas and industries we are currently pursuing. We're looking for exceptional entrepreneurs and early customers to join us and turn these ideas into businesses.

Reimagining Sales Role-Playing

Sufficient sales training for sales reps is oftentimes absent in high growth businesses. Traditionally, sales experience is only gained through large volumes of live conversations with real customers. But in today’s noisy marketplace driven by high customer acquisition costs, every customer touchpoint is more valuable than ever before. We aim to address this challenge by reinventing role playing as a training methodology. With generative AI, hyper-realistic customer simulations can be a new training medium. We believe a platform where your entire sales team can practice pitching to your most valuable customers can dramatically improve sales training, efficiency, and revenue.

Streamlining Healthcare Claims Exceptions

A major expense for healthcare insurance companies is the processing of healthcare claims, the requests for payment submitted when we go to the doctor. Decades-old technology automatically processes most of those claims, but there is sometimes an exception: a “claims exception,” to be exact. A claims exception is when a claim has not been accepted for payment by the payer (usually an insurance company) due to specific issues or discrepancies, including incorrect payment information, expired insurance policies, coding errors, or if services aren’t covered. The adjudication of exceptions is an incredibly manual and very expensive process. New technology could significantly reduce this cost and help insurance companies manage compliance.

Automating Professional Services Proposals

Proposal drafting is a necessary evil in services businesses. It’s required for securing new revenue, but it consumes a significant amount of precious time from scarce resources like Solution Consultants who craft the technology architecture, products, or services for prospective customers. Up until this point, the need for customization has prevented businesses from fully automating proposal responses and other documents that are critical in the sales process.

Transforming Financial Audits

Numerous businesses undergo annual audits, facing a tedious, manual and repetitive process of information exchange with auditors. Despite the predictability of peak seasons and deadlines, auditors and their clients invariably experience stressful workloads and longer hours.