Our mission is to build the future by creating and launching enterprise software companies. We are in the business of starting new businesses and are constantly researching, vetting, and validating new business ideas. Below are a handful of ideas and industries we are currently pursuing. We're looking for exceptional entrepreneurs and early customers to join us and turn these ideas into businesses.

Disrupting the Sales Pitch

The way we consume content has radically changed since the advent of the sales pitch. For many of us, smartphones have become our default operating system. Social media has rewired our brains to crave engaging, short-form content. Meanwhile, we’ve witnessed the “consumerization of the enterprise,” whereby consumer trends and technology infiltrate businesses. Despite those significant trends, sales collateral looks the same as it did five decades ago. There should be a solution for creating and sharing short-form, mobile-first sales content.

Measuring Carbon Emissions Together

Not all emissions are created equal - and some are harder to accurately measure than others. Scope 3 emissions touch not just your own business, but those you work with and buy from. Measuring Scope 3 requires that businesses collect data from across their entire value chain. Even once that step is complete, carbon accounting is far from standardized - organizing and interpreting the data is another onerous process. We want to build a platform that helps businesses collect and standardize vendor emissions data so they can more easily and accurately measure their Scope 3 emissions.

Automating HubSpot Ops

HubSpot implementation and administration is a big lift for marketing teams. If they don’t set up their instance correctly and maintain good data hygiene over time, it can quickly become unmanageable, forcing some teams to start over from scratch These challenges have contributed to the rise of dedicated marketing operations roles, but those hires are costly and not typically made until well after HubSpot is selected. We want to build the no-code MarketingOps platform for Hubspot, helping companies optimize their instance setup and maintenance as they grow.

Preparing Multi-Family Properties for the Future

The recently passed California Green Building Standards Code requires that new construction and major alterations include adding infrastructure to support electric vehicles (EVs). The state is offering to award existing apartment complexes grants for every charging station installed. In addition, landlords are now required to add an EV charging station if a lessee requests it. California is a first mover around EV policy, but many other states and cities are following suit by passing laws and earmarking money to bolster EV adoption. Multi-family properties will need a platform help navigate these new mandates and manage EV charging station investments across properties and tenants.

Powering Better Web3 User Experiences

Many web3 user experiences are convoluted and full of friction. If you’ve set up a non-custodial wallet, you’ve experienced this firsthand. Bad user experiences are a major hurdle standing in the way of mass adoption. Better segmentation and analysis of user cohorts will help product teams decrease friction and tailor user experiences, but current product analytics tools aren’t built for web3. We want to build a new product analytics platform that helps web3 businesses gain a more holistic view of users by layering wallet and product usage data.

Ensuring Ethical AI/ML Practices

Artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML) promise to unlock a revloutionary intelligence layer across software in every vertical. “Foundational models” like GPT-3 and DALL-E have been trained by feeding them virtually the entire internet. New and existing businesses are building on top of these foundational models and fine tuning them for specific use cases. Despite the rapid progress and adoption, there are few guardrails or standards in place for how ethically leverage AI/ML. That is starting to change, and New York City was recently the first to passed a law around AI/ML use in the hiring process. We believe the scrutiny and stakes for businesses will continue to grow, especially when the outcomes have high-stakes, real-world impacts. We want to build a tool that helps businesses vet models and data sources to ensure they are ethically leveraging AI/ML.

Centralizing In-Person Event Strategy

As we emerge from the pandemic, in-person events like conferences and tradeshows are back and here to stay. But, these events can be a headache for marketers to sponsor and plan for their team to attend, not to mention a large expense. Leads generated and other important metrics aren’t always followed up on or accurately tracked. Even when all this data is captured, it livesin Google Sheets, CRM or across multiple tools, leaving marketers to manually pull everything together to calculate ROI. We want to build a dedicated platform for marketers to more effectively plan, execute & measure effective field events.

Letting Podcast Fans Join the Conversation

Podcast communities are fragmented. Some are active on Twitter, some have Slack, Discord, or Facebook groups, and still others have Reddit communities. There is no dedicated place for fans to go to engage with episodes. Fans can’t react in a way that parallels the medium of content - conversationally, through audio and speech. We want to build a platform for podcast communities to better engage with episodes and have two-way, continuous conversations with hosts and other fans.

Data Privacy Done the Right Way

If it’s free, you are the product. Consumers and regulators seemed to realize this slowly and then all at once. Recently, a wave of data privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCDA, have been enacted. In addition, Google plans to phase out third-party cookies on Chrome by the end of this year. With data privacy at the top of consumers’ minds and a “cookie-less” future in sight, marketers need to adapt. We want to build a platform that finally does data right by compensating consumers for consent to sharing their data with advertisers.