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New Product Announcement

A new product announcement is an important tool in launching that product, and when done effectively, it is what introduces the product to the world. Offering a product launch email campaign with a new product can be a powerful way to introduce a new product. At the High Alpha venture studio, we launch several new SaaS companies a year, which means we’re sharing new product announcements on a very regular basis.

Let’s take a look at why they are so effective, and a sample announcement of new system, including new product announcement samples.

Why Is a New Product Announcement So Important?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the new product announcement is it. It’s also a company’s first opportunity to interact directly with the consumer on behalf of the product. There is a lot riding on this message and that’s why it’s so important to get it right. As the new product announcement sample is often disbursed through a product launch email campaign, by using AI it is possible to make certain the announcement will reach a targeted audience. Using Telemetry AI also insures that the campaign will be able to most efficiently gather new data based on how consumers interact with the announcement. This takes the effectiveness of the new product announcement to another level.

A similar strategy can be employed with an organizational announcement examples of which include memos to staff about new hires, achievements or events. Telemetry allows the same care and follow-through that goes into product launches to be utilized in company wide messaging, all automatically.

What Should a New Product Announcement Sample Include?

In conducting a product launch email campaign it’s important that a new product announcement answer the following questions:

  • What is the product?
  • Why does the consumer want/need it?
  • How can the consumer get it?

Once you’ve created a product announcement that is to the point in answering these questions there are two important additional things to consider. The first is to make certain that the new product announcement is distributed to the right audience. Telemetry makes sophisticated audience targeting a simple automated process. The second aspect to consider is that a new product announcement can do more than just introduce the product. With a new product announcement the entire company is on display, and it is worthwhile to view this as an opportunity to ‘sell’ the entire company to the consumer, and with SAAS win back consumers who’s use of company has lapsed.

Company Launch Press Release Sample

Just as a new product launch introduces a product to the world, a company or brand launch press release allows consumers to meet an entirely new brand. Press releases are useful for more than just introducing a brand or company and a new product announcement press release can be especially effective when used in tandem with a new product release. A press release is different from a new product announcement because while the announcement is aimed specifically at the consumers, a press release is targeted at news and media.

What Should Be Included in Examples of Good Press Releases

While a press release needs to answer some of the same questions as a new product announcement, especially about what it is, the goals, and the overall structure are quite different. A strong press release sample for product launch will be an attention-grabber, and in this instance, the goal is to get the attention of the media, even more than of the consumer. Press releases provide all of the following: gaining press is one of the best ways to improve SEO, media contacts can be mutually beneficial contact owners for companies, and a press release is the perfect opportunity for a company to seize control of its narrative and brand image. In general a press release has a headline, the lead and introduction, the summary, the body, the boilerplate and then concludes with the contact information. With a press release sample for product launch it’s vital that the news value of the product be emphasized in that opening paragraph of the lead and introduction. That is what hooks the journalist and is what is most likely to get the media contact to follow through on covering the new product, which is the most important end goal with a press release.

What Kind of Products Are New Product Announcement Press Releases Good For?

The answer is any product. While many assume that press releases are the domain of major corporations or high fashion brands, the truth is, that all products and brands can benefit greatly from the attention, and Telemetry puts the ability to create and distribute high quality releases within reach. This makes it worthwhile to create new product press release amazon marketplace products can use.

Project Launch Email Sample

There is a wide array of announcement email examples, which are a powerful tool that can be utilized at different points in a company’s life cycle, from the business launch email sample to the new process announcement email. Let’s take a closer look.

The Wide World of the New Product Announcement Email Sample

With a new product launch email sample singular is not enough. To do so would be to miss out on a great opportunity.  And whether it is a new product email sample or a new project launch, it’s worthwhile to turn the event into a full-fledged project or product launch email campaign. This might begin with a teaser email about the product or project, followed by a new product introduction letter to customers. The new product launch message sample can contain more objectives than simply selling the product. The campaign gives the company more space in which to promote the brand, inform consumers about news and projects in the pipeline, and simply keep the company top of mind. There is no shortage of events and news that a company can choose to promote, both internally and publicly. Additionally, it is worthwhile to tie these email campaigns into any social media presence. But marketing emails should be used well. An announcement is meant to excite and delight the consumer. That is why it is so important to make certain that the new product launch email sample you use is well-crafted.

Use Timing to Create Excitement

One of the ideal ways to create excitement around an announcement that pairs beautifully with a coordinated email campaign, is to make time a key component. This could be through a pre-order promotion or perhaps offering a product (or a version of the product) that comes in a limited edition. This creates a sense of excitement on its own that can be used to drive an independent email campaign and press release.

Use a Deal to Emphasize What’s Necessary to Include

Part of an announcement is letting people know what it is they are getting and why it’s important. If you are offering a special deal or promotion, find a way to work that into the copy, especially in the more boring or unpleasant parts. For example, if offering free shipping be sure to emphasize that in the section going over price and terms and conditions.

Don’t Be Afraid of Images

Standard marketing rules apply, which means showing will often be more effective than telling. For software companies, where an image isn’t always the best way to capture the use of the product, it’s worth investing in strong images that best represent a company’s brand and what they do.

Are These Marketing Tactics Different for a Software Launch Email?

Speaking of software companies, the same techniques that go into a product launch can easily be applied to a software launch, but in fact, with SAAS they can be implemented more efficiently and with greater success. For example, Telemetry uses AI to find those free customers who are most likely to convert to being paid, allowing companies to create specific campaigns for those most likely to purchase or renew.

Check Out Our New Website Announcement

A new product or company launch announcement isn’t the only kind of announcement worth promoting. New website announcements can also prove to be an important business strategy. New website launch communication can include a website launch email sample which can be quite similar to a product introduction email to client. But a new website announcement email sample can also be a lot more creative. Unlike a new product announcement, the primary goal is not to sell but to accomplish several goals, including raising awareness of and promoting the brand. Depending on the brand voice, it is thus worthwhile to get creative, such as by using a unique new website launch new product launch email subject lines or searching the internet for website launch announcement ideas.

At the same time some of the principles for a new product launch remain the same. It’s worthwhile to create a carefully crafted press release announcing the new website. Additionally, companies should not be dependent on a single email to announce the site, but should treat it as a multi-email promotion campaign. The use of social media should once again be tied into the email and press campaigns.

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