Podchaser raises $1.65M to expand database, launch Podchaser Connect

by High Alpha

Podchaser, the most comprehensive podcast database, announced $1.65 million in seed funding from an investor lineup including High Alpha Capital, Hyde Park Venture Partners, Poplar Ventures,  Lunsford Capital, Rich Greenfield, and Matthew Luckett. 

Podchaser’s cross-platform offerings are creating a standard dataset for the podcast industry, as it combines its industry-leading database — ratings and reviews, shareable lists, detailed tagging, and, to date, over four million creator and guest credits — with key industry partners such as Triton Digital, Spreaker, RadioPublic, and Player FM.

The new funding will help support Podchaser’s three core initiatives: advanced search and discovery, industry-wide data standardization, and data-driven marketplaces for connection, including today’s launch of its guest placement platform, Podchaser Connect.

Advanced Search and Discovery

With over 800,000 existing shows and new ones created every day, the podcast industry is exploding. But the abundance of options means it’s sometimes difficult for listeners to find the signal within the noise. Leveraging its growing set of metadata, Podchaser is uniquely positioned to bring order to the industry. The team will continue to advance features powering search, discovery, and recommendations.

Building upon its recently released activity feed, Podchaser also plans to grow its social and discovery platform to create features that foster conversation between listeners and podcasters. This shared platform consolidates podcast discovery and listener engagement, which has historically been fragmented across social networks, websites, newsletters, and apps.

Industry-wide Data Standardization

Podchaser’s platform-agnostic database can be integrated and leveraged by partners throughout the industry, delivering the transparency required to formalize and mature the world of podcasting. 

“Audio is everywhere, from AirPods to Smart Speakers to CarPlay and Android Auto with exponential growth in podcast creation and consumption spreading globally,” said Rich Greenfield, a Partner at LightShed Partners in NYC. “The consumer challenge facing podcasting is figuring out ‘what’ to listen to in an overwhelming sea of content; enter Podchaser, purpose built to help consumers find content that will excite and delight them.”

By creating a central hub for creators, guests, and audiences and integrating these features with hosting providers, apps, and other services, Podchaser is positioning itself as the default profile for the podcast industry.

Data-driven Marketplaces

Despite podcasting’s reputation for fostering a deep sense of personal connection between listeners and hosts, a lack of communication and connection has limited opportunities within the industry for engagement and collaboration. By utilizing its proprietary, connected dataset, Podchaser will address this by establishing much-needed marketplaces for both the currently fragmented podcasting industry and its mass-growth audiences.  

Introducing Podchaser Connect

Podchaser Connect - Podcast Guest Placement with Podchaser

Today, as part of its mission to bring together the podcasting industry, Podchaser launches its data-driven guest placement platform, Podchaser Connect. Leveraging its unique database of credits, the service will pair compelling guests — brand representatives, university professors, authors, domain experts, and more — with podcasts to unlock the tremendous influence of the intimate medium and grow podcast audiences. 

Sign up at https://www.podchaser.com/connect

“Podchaser was started to solve my personal frustration with discovering great podcast content,” said Bradley Davis, co-founder and CEO of Podchaser. “As the podcasting industry continues to grow, our position as a cross-platform, agnostic database will be vital in fueling content discovery and industry connection.”

To learn more about Podchaser, visithttps://www.podchaser.com.