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Product Feedback

Receiving feedback is vital for many things in life. From the best cable service to the most reliable vehicle on the market, customers will look at feedback to determine if they would like to purchase a specific product. In the world of software, feedback also holds great importance—for both the business developing the products as well as the end user. The software developer wants to know how the product is performing and if there needs to be any modifications, while the user wants to know if other users enjoy using the product. Feedback is constantly in use by these individuals and teams, so it’s vital to take product feedback very seriously. However, it’s important to know that there are different types of product feedback out there and there are multiple strategies to using feedback effectively. Take a look at the various ways a software company can gather data:

Prompt on Software

One way to support product feedback is to have a prompt on the software while the user is utilizing it. This could be a pop-up that asks the user if they could quickly write about their experience with using the software.


One of the more popular product feedback examples is email messaging. These tend to be more informative compared to a pop-up prompt, and users may be more likely to take action. These emails should ask the user to give their input about the software. You could ask them to answer a few key questions, and then also leave an area for them to enter any additional information.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is how businesses make improvements. While the end goal of software is to help customers complete processes faster and more efficiently, you must get feedback whenever you can. If you never ask for feedback and you notice that your customers are dropping like flies, then it may be because you never asked for their opinions. And from a customer standpoint, asking for feedback shows that the company really cares about you and your needs. If you have a company that is constantly asking you for your thoughts and insights on how the product is performing, then that proves that the business is customer-focused and emphasizes that the product is there for you. However, you must ensure that you’re asking for the right types of feedback focused on the right group of customers. Having a customer feedback system makes this all possible.

Responses Are Key

For software companies, receiving feedback from your customers can help your company soar to new heights. But while asking for feedback is one thing, responding is also very important. Software companies must respond to customers and let them know that their voice is being heard. The last thing you want to do is to ignore customers that gave you feedback. They took time out of their day to explain what they love or hate about your software, so you owe it to them to respond and explain the process in place to solve their needs. As you want your product to be centered around your amazing customers, the customer feedback product development is a very important piece of the puzzle.

User Feedback

While it’s extremely important to receive feedback from your customers who might be offering your software to their customers, it is even more important to receive feedback from the ones actually using the software. While software development might be the most intricate, long, and detailed process for your software, constantly making updates and improvements can really help your software product thrive. While you may be ecstatic that your software has been developed, the most important part is still yet to come; you must ensure that your software works for the needs of the user, and you must make changes to suit those needs that can change on a daily basis. That being said, you need to make it easy for users to submit their feedback.

User Feedback Examples

There are multiple ways you can gather feedback as a software company. One way is to have a user feedback icon that the user can click to submit answers to a questionnaire. Another method involves sending an email with appropriate user feedback questions. Whether you want user feedback product development solutions in the beginning stages, or you want feedback years after development, constantly making improvements is vital to your success. Understanding the different types of user feedback options can help you create a user feedback UX that can lead to a successful product for years.

Product Feedback Program

If you’re looking for a way to receive key product feedback, then one popular solution is to start a product feedback program. A great thing about these programs is that they can be focused on specific product features, or they can encompass the entire software product as a whole. As the goal of a software company is to be revolved around the needs of the user, receiving this important feedback is typically necessary to see your company thrive. While surveys, focus groups, and beta programs can be effective at gathering data, a product feedback program can provide real-time feedback from your ideal customers.

In App Feedback UX

While targeting users to get their feedback is very possible on email, text, or phone calls, an in app feedback UX tends to be more useful and beneficial for everyone. Software companies can easily have a new message or a pop-up display on the software that invites the user to participate in a brief survey, or you can invite them to join the feedback program. Having a program can lead the customer to believe that the software company is extremely interested in their thoughts and concerns. Be sure to do research on product feedback Zendesk and product feedback Apple to find companies who excel at providing feedback programs.

Product Feedback Form

While you probably now understand the importance of product feedback and how it can make or break your company, now we’ll discuss what should be on a product feedback form and a user feedback form. We’ll discuss what they should look like, how they should be designed, and specific information to put on them.

No Required Fields

The thing about feedback forms are that you should never have a field that is required to fill in. In most cases, users are never forced to fill out these fields, so they shouldn’t feel obligated to fill out a certain areas if they don’t feel comfortable doing so. So whether you have a simple feedback form or an intricate food feedback form, never have any required fields.

Allow for Open-Ended Feedback

Although you should always ask specific questions about how a product works or how something looks, you should always allow for open-ended feedback as a part of your product feedback form format. As you see with most online feedback forms, there is typically a section at the bottom where the user can add their own feedback without being prompted by a question. This creates a product feedback process where the user can let everything be heard.

Have a Clean Design

If you do an internet search for product feedback form samples, then chances are the forms will look clean and straightforward. While you don’t want to go over-the-top with these forms and include tons of elements that are hard on the eyes, you want to include all of the necessary information. Be sure to include aesthetically pleasing page elements, and ensure that your product evaluation survey questions are predominantly displayed in an easy-to-digest way.

Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

If you’re struggling at coming up with customer satisfaction survey questions for service industry or any other industry, then you may feel a little lost. But by researching sample questions, you can really get the ball rolling and get inspiration for developing your own questions. After reviewing sample questions, you can really get a great starting point as you’ll soon progress to developing these questions on your own. Take a look at a few sample customer satisfaction survey questions, including some info on why these questions should be asked:

Does the product help you achieve your goals?

As your top priority as a software company is to solve the needs of your customers, this question is vital. You want to ensure that your product is focused on the goals of the customer, so this question can help to answer if that’s the case or if there is room for improvement.

What is your favorite tool or portion of the product or service?

If you take a look at any customer satisfaction questionnaire sample, then you’ll more than likely see this question. This question can populate a wide variety of responses, but if you notice a trend, then you can focus on what makes that one tool or portion so popular. Then, you can focus on how you can mimic other tools to achieve that same greatness.

Customer Feedback Examples

When trying to receive customer feedback, you can use many different types of methods. Here are some customer feedback examples that are the most popular:

On the App

One way to get software feedback is on the software itself. If the user is using your mobile app, you can have a function that gives the user the opportunity to answer some questions.

Live Chat

Another one of the customer service feedback examples is a live chat. Using this method, a pop-up message can appear for the user, which allows them to conveniently answer some questions.


Email is another method that can lead to great results. This can either be a link to another site where questions are asked, or you can ask questions right on the app. Be sure to look over good customer feedback examples to find both a customer feedback email sample and customer feedback form sample.

Product Management Feedback Loop

If you’re in charge of managing a product in a software company, then you should always utilize a product management feedback loop. This loop is a process that involves continuously collecting customer feedback, then improving your product based on that feedback. Using product management customer feedback, customers know their opinions matter because your loop proves that changes do stem from feedback. This loop can be very helpful feedback for product manager roles, as the changes needed in your product relate to the feedback you receive from your users.

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