A New Model for Entrepreneurship

High Alpha Studio

We conceive, launch, and scale next-generation enterprise cloud companies through the application of business strategy, world-class design, and product development.

The Craft of Company Building

Building enterprise cloud companies is a craft that sits somewhere between art and science. Throughout the venture lifecycle, High Alpha is involved in creating, operating, and advising our studio companies.


Success is a game of inches. By speeding ideation, product development, fundraising, recruitment, and sales, inches turn into feet and feet add up to miles.


By emphasizing discipline and maintaining a focus on our core strengths and experience, we will build enormously-valuable businesses.


By constantly iterating and improving processes, we are able to vet concepts more accurately, establish product/market fit faster, and achieve more predictable outcomes.


We believe in starting small, thinking big, and scaling fast. We are well-resourced and backed by some of the top VC firms in enterprise SaaS.


Launching a successful startup is difficult—scaling one is even harder. Our team has deep experience starting-up as well as scaling-up.


We’ve built multiple industry-leading companies in the Midwest, which offers up a bevy of competitive advantages, such as: access to talent, customers, and a supportive community.

Platform Services

High Alpha provides the critical infrastructure, talent, services, and resources that companies need to innovate and scale quickly.

Product Development
Recruiting & HR
Marketing & PR
Brand & Design
Sales & GTM
Back Office

Our Investors

High Alpha Studio is backed by leading B2B SaaS investors.