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In each episode of Speaker Series Rewind, you'll hear from founders and CEOs from across the country running everything from B2B software companies to international airports. Guests have included Gumroad Founder Sahil Lavingia, BambooHR CEO Brad Rencher, and more.

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B2B Podcast

Are you looking for the best B2B podcasts out there? Maybe you’re interested in starting your own or you’re on the leadership team at a B2B company. If so, you must embrace becoming a lifelong learner. To do this, one avenue would be listening to the best business podcasts out there. Startup podcasts and B2B podcasts are a great way for you to broaden your horizons whether you’re listening while you’re working, cooking, commuting, or traveling on vacation. There are plenty of podcasts to listen to, and the podcast industry has grown significantly, with many looking for the number one podcast in the world.

First, you might be wondering, what are podcasts? A podcast is a series created with audio episodes that tend to focus on a particular topic or theme. The podcast industry has grown quickly in recent years, and you can likely find a podcast on almost any topic out there, including startup podcasts. If you work in a B2B SaaS startup, then you may be looking for B2B podcasts or B2B SaaS podcasts.

B2B podcasts usually focus on topics related specifically to the business-to-business industry. If you run a business that sells to other businesses as clients, then you work in the B2B field. A B2B podcast is going to focus on topics specifically related topics By listening to this niche, you know you should be receiving information that is relevant to the needs of your company.

Of course, this is a big field, and there are plenty of podcasts available. We’re biased, but we would recommend listening to Speaker Series Rewind, which is our newest podcast by High Alpha.

In each episode, we revisit discussions from High Alpha Speaker Series events featuring industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and investors. For our first season, our guests include Founders and CEOs from across the country running everything from B2B software companies to international airports and packaged foods startups.

Each episode will provide you with valuable information as a B2B leader. You’ll get the opportunity to learn from others who have been successful in the industry. Many of our guests are leaders of B2B SaaS companies, including Jason Jacobs, Sahil Lavingia, Matt Blumberg, and Brad Rencher. But we’ve also had guests in the professional motorsports industry like Beth Paretta and direct-to-consumer companies like former Walmart CMO Julie Lylie.

You can go through the episode list from High Alpha and pick out a few that might be relevant to your aspirations. That way, you can make sure you use your time wisely, even if you are in transit from one place to another. 

Best B2B Podcasts

If you work in tech and you are getting into podcasts for the first time, you might be interested in the best B2B podcasts in the SaaS industry, which focus on how the industry is changing and how you can position your company accordingly. Whether you want to narrow your niche to B2B growth podcasts or you’re looking for more general B2B SaaS podcasts, here are a few you should check out:

All of these podcasts focus on B2B topics including leadership, marketing, sales, customer experience, and more.

B2B Marketing Podcast

If you’re a B2B marketer, then you may want to find a B2B marketing podcast. One of the most popular B2B marketing podcasts includes the B2B Growth Podcast by Sweetfish Media.

Other podcasts might be tailored to more specific niches or marketing like operations, included MarTech podcasts like Operations with Sean Lane by Drift. Other marketing podcasts you might be interested in include:

On our very own podcast, Speaker Series Rewind, we also have marketing interviews. You might want to check out our interview with former Walmart CMO Julie Lyle, which can help you learn how to be a great leader at a global company.

Best Sales Podcasts 2021

If you are in sales, then you may want to find the best sales podcasts of 2021. Topics could include the best software sales podcasts and the best sales podcast for beginners. Some of the best SaaS sales podcasts, include:

Whether you want the best sales podcasts on Spotify or Apple, these podcasts will help you learn to attract, convert and close more SaaS prospects into paying customers.

B2B Podcast Best Practices

By looking at podcast statistics or B2B podcast stats, you’ll find that there is a ton of competition out there. This means it is important to really understand your potential listeners and what topics are important to them.

Podcasts are a great way to build relationships as a part of your growth strategy because you can have business partners on if yes. You may want to learn more about content-based networking strategies in this High Alpha Speaker Series Rewind episode with Katherine Martin.

If you are looking at your B2B growth strategy, you might be wondering how to create a podcast of your own. When you’re ready to start podcasting, it is important to develop a strong B2B podcast strategy that focuses on B2B podcast best practices.

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