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Benefits of Marketing Automation

In the digital age we now live in, marketing automation has become mainstream. Many business owners, however, may still be asking, what exactly is marketing automation? Marketing automation can basically be defined as any type of tool or platform that allows a business to streamline and measure a variety of marketing tasks. It starts with gathering information, and based on the data, creating relevant content for customers. E-mail marketing is currently one of the main uses of marketing automation. The following are several benefits of marketing automation for customer retention.

  • Reminder Programs – Send automated reminders of special events, free shipping, etc. to customers.
  • Bring-Back Programs – This is used to lure back former customers who haven’t visited your site or ordered anything for a while.
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails – These emails are used to motivate shoppers to take a second look at a site or products they left the first time around.

Some of the advantages of marketing automation include receiving an abundance of user data that can be used to pinpoint your future marketing strategies. The following are several general benefits of implementing marketing automation.

  • Saves Time – This is one of the key benefits of marketing automation. What once took hours or even days to send out, can now be accomplished in a few minutes or less with automated marketing.
  • Improves Scalability – It’s essential for your marketing to grow along with your business. An automated marketing plan enables the business to grow and develop without disruption.
  • Records Results – Most types of automated marketing will report statistics and other forms of a campaign’s success or level of performance. You’ll get a clear picture for how successful your marketing strategies are, with various types of data to back it up.

While there are several benefits, there are also a few disadvantages of marketing automation. These include the initial expense of implementing software and setting up an extensive automated platform. It can also initially take time to learn how to effectively use and manage different types of automation.

Marketing Automation Guide

When figuring the best direction to take marketing automation, it’s necessary to understand the different aspects involved. The following is a short guide to help understand different parts of the automation process.

1. Email Marketing – Automated emails are a must for nearly every business. Email automation can be used for everything from reminding customers to reorder supplies to wishing them happy birthday.

2. Social Media Marketing – Keeping fresh content on all social media sites is an essential part of any marketing campaign. There are a variety of automation techniques that can be used on social media, including chat bots.

3. Inbox Filtering – You need to organize what comes into your own inbox. You need a way to separate the junk mail and spam from relevant messages. There are apps and third-party services that can help a business effectively organize information.

4. Artificial Intelligence – The most advanced marketing automation now includes forms of artificial intelligence. AI generated emails are not only engaging but can specifically target each customer, capture relevant information, and promote cross-selling.

5. Keep Track of Analytics – After deciding on a list of key performance indicators (KPI), set up an automated system to monitor and keep track of your losses or successes.

To receive the highest levels of marketing automation roi, it’s also essential to take the best educational courses possible. Whether a business wants to learn about app release notes, customer retention automation, or they’re looking for a general marketing automation course, there are plenty of options available. The following are a few courses that have been designed and experts in the field that can help companies learn everything from marketing automation and communication to nurturing prospects and creating personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Russell Brunson – Russell Brunson provides expert information as well as helpful tools for individuals and companies wanting to expand their marketing automation skills.
  • Frank Kern – Kern has been providing excellent marketing courses since the 1990s and is still adapting and offering cutting-edge marketing advice.

Digital Marketing Statistics 2019

There are several statistics that you should be aware of that are related to various aspects of digital marketing and automation. According to siegemedia, content marketing statistics in 2019 revealed that 56 percent of businesses want to increase spending on content creation and that 92 percent of marketers revealed that their company looks at content as an asset to the business. There are several other advertising statistics related to marketing automation.

General Marketing Automation Statistics – Some general stats can give companies an overall understanding of what’s happening with automated marketing. According to Impact, 80 percent of customers state that an “experience” with a business is just as important as the service and products they provide. A company that follows up on their web leads within five minutes are nine times more likely to turn these into conversions. Providing customers with a great experience, along with quick response times is something every business should be trying to achieve.

Marketing Automation Statistics 2018 – Social Media Today published in 2018 that automated marketing was driving 14.5 percent increase in sales. Automated marketing and sales automation statistics were still in their infancy. The beginning of an automated revolution, however, was starting to take off. The same source went on to state that four out of five users increased their leads with automation and approximately 77 percent of those saw conversions increase.

Marketing Automation Statistics 2019 – Moosend states that 75 percent of the revenue from email is from personalized campaigns. They also point out that those using marketing automation have an increase of 451 percent in qualified leads. Content marketing statistics 2019 include interesting stats such as the fact that 70 percent of b2b marketers said their content marketing campaigns had been more successful in 2018 than in previous years. This made 2019 a year that many marketers knew to put more emphasis on content.

Marketing Automation Stats 2020 – The market for automation software is expected to grow at a rate of over 8 percent throughout 2020. This means more companies will be implementing some sort of software to improve and grow their automated marketing.

Marketing Automation Software

Of all the marketing automation tools a business might use, automation software may be one of the most beneficial. Software is able to complete several repetitive marketing tasks in a matter of minutes that could otherwise take days or even weeks to accomplish. Software can do everything from nurturing sales leads to personalizing content and marketing messages. Automated software has the ability to send messages to the right customers at the right time.

Whether it’s b2b marketing automation platforms or using free marketing automation tools, the best marketing automation software can save money and increase an organization’s efficiency. It’s important to note that the marketing automation market share is dominated by about three companies. Each of these companies, however, provide different services and focus on different niche areas. There are several specific benefits of implementing marketing software.

  • Increased Personalization – The best marketing automation software 2019 can personalize messages. Content that is relevant to specific individuals increases the likelihood they’ll purchase products or services. Content marketing automation tools make it easier to create personalized information.
  • Insightful Data – Marketing automation tools for organizations can help each company gather, organize, and then analyze a variety of data. Different types of software can gather general data as well as specific types of data. For example, there are tools that not only record how many customers are interacting with your apps, but specifically how they’re interacting. Good software will provide details about the data collected.
  • Effective Leads – Salesforce marketing automation tools can help generate leads for your company. The best software can gather leads from a variety of channels. Some types of software focus on specific channels such as landing pages while others have a broad focus.
  • Customer Experience – Marketing automation tools 2019 or 2020 can create the ultimate customer experience. When understanding marketing automation tools meaning, it’s crucial to understand how it’s interacting with customers. This can mean experimenting with different types of marketing tools to see what works best. Using open source marketing automation tools is a great way to try different marketing techniques without a large investment.

Marketing Automation Services

There are several important reasons why a business would want to use a marketing automation service. For starters, they would have access to niche marketing support and expertise in a particular area that they might not have in-house. Outsourcing automation would likely save time since the business could focus on their core business responsibilities. Even though there would be an initial investment, having an automation service would likely save a company money in the long run. Finally, hiring a marketing automation service could more easily provide scalability as a business continued to grow and develop.

Marketing automation companies can help you organize, improve, and maintain the best marketing strategies for your organization. Whether you’re a large company or a small start-up, you may want to use a service to provide all your marketing automation needs. When selecting the best marketing automation service provider, there are several things a company should look for. How experienced is the company and what kind of results have they had? Do they have experience in your particular area of business? The best marketing automation service provider is the one that can meet the specific needs of your business and that you feel comfortable working with.

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