Looking for the Best Startup Podcasts? Look No Further

by High Alpha

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve listened to a podcast or two. And assuming the title caught your attention, you’re seeking out the best startup podcasts to listen to.

Podcasting is an important tool for business-to-business (B2B) marketing and communication. But more broadly, you can find a podcast about almost anything (e.g., cooking, fashion, startups, and more).

So, what is a podcast? Podcasts are episodic digital audio files that listeners can download to enjoy on their own schedule. Podcasting services and streaming applications provide listeners with an integrated and convenient way to manage their playlists across all their playback devices for all their podcast sources.

Forbes reports that as of 2021 there were 1.75 million podcasts with over 43 million available episodes. During the pandemic there was a surge of millions of new podcasts as hundreds of millions of people were quarantined and unable to meet in person.

And because there are millions of new broadcasts, finding the best startup podcasts for entrepreneurs isn’t something that can be done with a quick Google search of terms like “best startup podcasts Reddit” or “best business podcasts 2022.”

So, where do you find the most useful podcasts for aspiring startup CEOs and investors?

While we are a bit biased, we recommend our own podcast called Speaker Series Rewind. This series revisits High Alpha Speaker Events where we interview investors, entrepreneurs, and leaders across the country who run everything from B2B software companies to professional racing teams. In our first season, we’ve had episodes about business and community, finding trusted advisors, how to get your startup on the acquisition radar, and much more.

In each episode, we revisit discussions from High Alpha Speaker Series we provide listeners with valuable information needed to be a B2B leader or founder. You’ll get the opportunity to learn from others who have been successful in the industry. Many of our guests are leaders of B2B SaaS companies, including Jason JacobsSahil LavingiaMatt Blumberg, and Brad Rencher. But we’ve also had guests in the professional motorsports industry like Beth Paretta and direct-to-consumer companies like former Walmart CMO Julie Lylie.

You can go through the episode list from High Alpha and pick out a few that might be relevant to your aspirations. That way, you can make sure you use your time wisely, even if you are in transit from one place to another. 

So, what are the best entrepreneur podcasts for startups?

If you were to ask the people in the startup community, what some of the best entrepreneur podcasts are you might hear names about the “How I Built This” podcast, This Week in Startups, or Ted Radio Hour.

The best business podcasts on Spotify all seem to know this secret to success: Credible interviewees talking about really strong topics.

If you Google “entrepreneur podcast on Spotify,” you might find podcast How I Built This, Masters of Scale, The $100 MBA and Planet Money. Take a closer look at these podcasts, and you will find that they enhance their authority with articles, founder stories, and news at other locations on their sites.

Whether you want to narrow your niche down to B2B podcasts or you’re looking for more general entrepreneurship podcasts, here are a few you should check out:

  • This Week in Startups 
  • Cloud Giants by Bessemer
  • Twenty Minute VC
  • SaaStr Podcast
  • How I Built This
  • a16z Podcast
  • ​​The Tim Ferris Show
  • Speaker Series Rewind by High Alpha
  • The 3C Podcast by The Juice

All of these podcasts focus on high-level entrepreneurship as well as more niche topics like leadership, marketing, sales, customer experience, and more.

Creating Your Own Tech Startup Podcast

Whether it is how to leverage networking or selling your startup, the best tech startup broadcasts fascinate, inform, and build your brand as an industry leader. 

B2B startups (or B2B tech companies) sell technology-based products and services to other businesses. A simple fact about selling technology business to business is that customers don’t buy products just because the salesperson can quote specs at them. They buy because they have a problem that needs to be solved.

Often times, this means buyers are searching to find solutions to their problems through content. They might be Googling terms like “startup podcast Spotify,” “this week in startups best episodes,” “business podcasts 2020,” “best business podcasts 2020 Spotify,” and “angel podcasts” in an attempt to scroll through the episodes list for topics that could help them.

As a result, this often means tech startups are creating their own podcasts to reach their potential customers. They want to communicate authority in their podcasts by showing that they are current with their industry. They want their podcasts to engage with industry leaders. And they are matching their podcasting efforts with a podcast website that is kept up to date and free of errors. 

There is a well-worn formula for organizing a tech startup podcast or a business podcast, consisting of intro music, the presenter introducing the show, a recorder discussion, a recap by the presenter, and a repeat of the intro music with an extro.

This is fine as far as it goes, but rethinking the organization of a podcast is a good indication of original, useful content in the podcast. Consider these features in our own podcast, Speaker Series Rewind, that set us apart from other VCs and venture studios:

  • High Alpha features investment experts, partners of High Alpha, interviewing entrepreneurship experts. Everyone on the show is an expert, from first word to last.
  • High Alpha designs and builds B2B SaaS startups, but it brings in entrepreneurial wisdom from venture capitalists involved in industries as diverse as international airports, B2B software companies, breweries, and Walmart.

On High Alpha’s Speaker Rewind, listeners can listen to Gerry Dick, the host and creator of Inside Indiana business, recently acquired by IBJ Media, speak on the joys of creating an investable business that makes money while serving the community. They can listen to Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia talk about how to own a business without it owning you. They can listen to former Walmart CMO Julie Lyle‘s advice on running multi-billion dollar corporations responsibly. Aspiring SaaS entrepreneurs can learn from other High Alpha companies what they need to know to be successful as a SaaS business.