Company Spotlight: Lessonly

by High Alpha

In 2013, Max Yoder, Kristian Andersen, Mike Fitzgerald, and Eric Tobias sat down to work through the first Lessonly wireframes.

By 2016, Lessonly had officially crossed the 500,000 “learners” mark and was redefining the corporate training and LMS industry with their learner-first approach.

Lessonly is team learning software that captures internal knowledge, best practices, and team policies as searchable — and assignable — step-by-step lessons. Their ultimate mission is to help people do better work so they can live better lives.

High Alpha and our partners have been intricately involved with Lessonly, helping them launch, grow, and scale the company from day 1. Our venture studio model unites company building with a venture capital firm, giving our portfolio a unique advantage to transform ideas into world-class businesses. Through their lifecycle, the High Alpha team provided Lessonly the critical infrastructure, talent, services, and resources they needed to innovate and scale quickly.

Learn more about the High Alpha and Lessonly partnership and our venture studio model by watching the video below.

P.S. Lessonly is growing and hiring quickly — check out all their open jobs at