High Alpha Invests in When I Work

by High Alpha

We are very excited to announce our latest High Alpha Capital investment in When I Work. We’re delighted to be investing with Chad and his leadership team, as well as alongside Drive Capital and Arthur Ventures.

When I Work, headquartered in Minneapolis, provides software to schedule, track time, and communicate with hourly employees, enabling businesses to effortlessly coordinate and engage their hourly workforce. The company has more than 15,000 customers across a variety of industries, serving over 450,000 employees.

Creating schedules for the hourly worker is a time-consuming, inefficient task that is typically done on spreadsheets or, even worse, pen and paper. Furthermore, when workers need to switch shifts, there is no easy way to communicate with the broader employee base, creating more work and inefficiencies. Before the onset of technology and the smartphone, managers had no way to easily create schedules, communicate updates, and enable employee to employee communication. When I Work streamlines this process.

Hourly workers represent 60% of the workforce, equating to 77 million hourly employees in the US and 1.8 billion globally. We’re excited to be helping the When I Work team capitalize on this huge opportunity.