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We invest in founders building the next generation of B2B SaaS companies in Indianapolis and beyond. Since our launch in 2015, we’ve created more than 30 new companies—and counting—and invested in over 60 world-class founders that are changing the landscape of B2B SaaS.

Meet the High Alpha Team

High Alpha Capital invests in both High Alpha Studio companies and outside entrepreneurs building B2B SaaS companies. Our team brings an experienced SaaS operating voice and has built a unique platform to help our portfolio grow and scale.

Indianapolis SaaS Companies

Software as a Service (SaaS) allows users to access a cloud-based service, eliminating the need to download software to a desktop PC. SaaS companies Indianapolis provide different types of solutions aimed at helping companies to enhance day-to-day operations. Small, medium and large companies take advantage of cloud-based productivity solutions, unified communication software, and other business apps.

SaaS offerings provide wide-ranging benefits to businesses, including the Indianapolis startup community. These advantages include compatibility, accessibility, improved productivity, and greater operational efficiency. In addition, companies leverage reduced upfront costs in comparison to downloadable software. This advantage enables Indy startup firms to gain access to enterprise solutions without breaking the bank.

The Indianapolis tech industry is booming thanks, in part, to the availability of startup community resources. This trend has contributed to a marked increase in SaaS offerings available on the market. Resourceful players in the sector are working tirelessly to solve common business challenges by introducing innovative software as a service solutions.

It is no surprise that many local IT specialists work for Indianapolis SaaS companies. Many experts believe that Indianapolis is the ideal location to establish and scale enterprise cloud software firms. The city is experiencing a sustained uptick in startup launches, IT talent attraction, venture deal flow, and skilled workforce retention.

Many global players in the tech sector are opening offices in Indy. Analysts expect increased growth and dynamism for several years to come. The booming sector opens doors for startups to enter the fray and thrive. 

Indy-based tech startups dominate the marketing and sales SaaS space. Easier access to capital and resources are key factors enabling tech companies in suburbs like Fishers, Indiana to flourish. Many local entrepreneurs in the sector are looking to talent diversity standout as a crucial aspect of improvement.

Top Tech Companies in Indianapolis

Indianapolis has undoubtedly become a popular hub for many companies in the technology sector, from startups to global tech giants. The list of top tech companies in Indianapolis is expanding as the industry’s growth prospects look brighter. Notable local players include Conga, Microsoft Corporation, Kronos Incorporated, Salesforce, Zylo, and Onebridge.

Here are some of the leading Indy-based tech companies.

Salesforce Indianapolis

Salesforce Indianapolis boasts an impressive track record, which resonates beyond the local tech sector. The company’s expansion looks set to benefit Indiana’s GDP to the tune of more than $120 million annually. The Indiana Economic Development Corp (IEDC) released these estimates based on Salesforce’s strategic expansion plans.

Microsoft Corporation

This tech giant brings vast experience and resources to the technology scene in Indianapolis. In recent years, Microsoft has been increasingly investing in a wide selection of software as a service products. This approach allowed the firm to consolidate its market positioning in the United States and globally.

Microsoft offers an impressive suite of enterprise productivity, CRM, ERP, communication, and business management apps. These SaaS products are available as part of the Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 suites. The company’s presence in Indianapolis boosts the local tech industry in terms of jobs and other benefits. It joins some of the largest employers in Indianapolis.

Kronos Incorporated

Kronos has been active in the city as one of the top SaaS companies in Indiana. Its solutions make it easier for startups and established firms to enhance workforce management. This tech company places the city on the global tech map by providing innovative solutions to its customer base around the world. It employs over 12,000 workers in 165 countries.

Salesforce Indianapolis jobs are more likely to increase since the cloud computing giant plans to beef up its local workforce by at least 800 highly skilled employees. According to the company’s Marketing Cloud CEO, the job opportunities encompass multiple specialties, including IT, engineering, customer service, and finance.

The best part is that Salesforce Indianapolis employees benefit from working for a firm known for high employee satisfaction levels. On the other hand, Indiana state expects a significant employment ripple effect linked to each new staff member hired by Salesforce in Indianapolis.

Local authorities anticipate an increase in job opportunities in areas such as retail, construction, and services. If Salesforce meets hiring targets set by the state, the company receives $750,000 in training grants. According to IEDC, Salesforce also stands to take advantage of up to $17.2 million in tax credits.


Zylo helps companies optimize SaaS products to maximize the benefits of the solutions. The vendor works closely with a wide selection of finance and information technology partners to boost value for customers.

Companies can take advantage of the service to gain full visibility into the costs associated with SaaS deployment. The service also provides a convenient way to manage subscriptions, measure usage, maximize data protection, and determine SaaS apps’ value. In turn, various departments or business units gain useful insights that help managers make informed decisions.

The vendor beats Zylo competitors in Indianapolis and beyond by offering superior enterprise services. These services enable businesses of varying sizes to leverage optimization opportunities. More importantly, Zylo Crunchbase takes security matters seriously. Hence, it received security attestation reports in the form of SOC 2 Type I and II.

Its operations in Indianapolis have wide-ranging benefits for the local economy and tech industry. For instance, the vendor is helping increase job opportunities for residents via Zylo careers.

Software Companies in Indianapolis

Although Indianapolis has been home to many large corporations for many decades, the city began attracting prominent tech players like ExactTarget in the early 2000s. The industry has since become an essential part of the local economy as small and large firms contribute to the Indianapolis tech sector’s phenomenal growth.

Salesforce announced a decision to move into the old Chase Tower in 2016. This development helped boost the city’s profile as an attractive business location for upcoming and established software companies in Indianapolis. Many companies that moved or founded in the city grew at a faster pace.

As a result, the metropolis cemented its profile as a prominent tech location. It now hosts some of the best tech companies to work for in Indianapolis, including Salesforce, Kronos Incorporated, and Conga.

High Alpha

Via the High Alpha venture studio, High Alpha has launched more than 25 new software companies over the last five years. High Alpha portfolio companies include Docket, Zylo, Casted, Lessonly, and many others. In addition to launching SaaS companies, High Alpha also invests in enterprise cloud companies like Attentive, Integrate, Boardable, and Narvar.


Lessonly provides a convenient and straightforward way for companies to train their workforce. The solution comes with features to help users compose, share, and track wide-ranging training materials. It is also possible to track user activity from one interface. Human resources professionals, sales teams, and customer service departments can benefit considerably from the cloud-based Lessonly LMS. 

The best part is that teams can access Lessonly from desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, the cloud-based learning management system lets users customize the interface’s appearance to match the company’s colors. The system allows users to add an unlimited number of course materials to suit specific training needs. 

Lessonly reviews show that users can utilize multimedia compatibility to upload images, video, text, and audio training materials. Likewise, that makes it easier to add new learners and groups to selected assignments. Lessonly also incorporates a due date and notifications feature. These features ensure that learners can complete the assignments before the due date.


SmarterHQ is a notable player in the Indy-based tech scene. The firm helps small and large organizations change the way they connect with customers. Its solutions drive customer service for prominent brands in hospitality, finance, retail, and travel. The revolutionary software taps into the power of machine learning to help businesses improve customer relations and implement powerful marketing campaigns.


Like many software companies in Carmel Indiana, Kerauno has carved a fertile niche in the local SaaS scene. It provides global cloud communications solutions to enhance operational efficiency. The firm bolsters deeper engagements by eliminating barriers between business processes, systems, and people.


TechPoint Inc plays an essential role in Indiana’s tech sector by helping to accelerate growth. It provides a wide selection of resources for IT professionals and the local startup community. The TechPoint board works tirelessly to create programs and resources to connect tech professionals with educational programs, job opportunities, and internships.

Established firms and startups benefit from the programs by gaining access to talented individuals, potential customers, venture capital, an extensive tech community, and promotions.

Additionally, the TechPoint company formulates viable strategies based on insights gleaned from ongoing research. These efforts help generate new approaches to strengthen Indiana’s tech industry.

Here are some of the programs organized by TechPoint Indiana.


TechPoint provides access to essential resources that enhance the growth potential of local tech companies. These resources are available to select scale-ups. The organization provides these opportunities because it understands the need for scale-up stage firms to access peer networks, operating capital, talent, and much more.

Sales Bootcamp

This month-long program empowers sales professionals by teaching them how to become high-potential salespeople. It is ideal for graduates and anyone looking to switch careers. The program provides a comprehensive view of the workplace in several Indianapolis tech companies. Up to 90 percent of TechPoint’s sales Bootcamp receive job offers from prominent firms.

Indianapolis Startups

Indianapolis startups outshine their contemporaries in the Midwest, thanks to players’ exceptional performance in the tech sector. Startup activity in Indianapolis is ahead of the rest of Indiana. The metropolis boasts a startup rate of 7.3 percent compared to the statewide rate of 6.2 percent.

Many experts attributed the city’s business growth rate and resilience to a higher startup rate when much of the region struggled. The tech industry in the city added almost 2,700 jobs in 2017. Indianapolis startup jobs contributed a significant number of opportunities and continue to grow. The technology industry workforce makes up roughly 5.5 percent of the total number of workers in Indiana.

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