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Product Launch Plan

Product-led growth businesses and entrepreneurs have enjoyed a significant level of success with the advent of cloud-based software deployments that allow for a unified customer journey.  Using the right tools to develop a product launch plan can help you gain a clear understanding of a launch plan definition that fits your business model.

It is important to have a clear vision of what your product launch will look like prior to rolling-out your software product. The easiest way to create a launch plan is by using a product launch ppt template. A product launch plan helps to establish a roadmap to success, by clearly communicating which deliverables you will develop and the corporate milestones you plan to meet by an established deadline or other market-based criteria.

For example, your product launch plan steps may begin with a series of go/no-go testing, then proceed to the release of a beta version, followed by a number of strategies aimed at nurturing, converting, and retaining your new customers.  The best way to discover how to launch a product online is by using a product launch training template. This way, you will have access to a number of product launch presentation examples. A lean startup model will include:

  • Automated workflows
  • Ways to scale up and find new users
  • Strategies to reduce customer turnover
  • Path to hiring a strong management team

Your product launch presentation PDF will solidify the purpose of your product, how the new product will work, along with a clear outline of what makes your product the best option for your customer’s needs, and the reasons why stakeholders will want to invest in your startup SaaS or other consumer product delivery plan. Using a product launch template helps to organize your thoughts and can keep you focused on the reasons why behind what it is you’re bringing to market.

New Product Launch Checklist

It doesn’t matter if your business will be launching a number of new products or one product that may be used to serve multiple market sectors, a product checklist is an effective way to be consistent as you build an audience and pitch your products to prospective stakeholders. There will be differences between a software product release checklist and a B2B product launch checklist because you are targeting different audiences with a different platform.

Bringing a new product to market can be intimidating, so check out examples that have been used successfully by larger corporations within your market sector. For example, an Amazon product launch checklist can be useful as a general outline for ecommerce selling tactics that can help propel a product launch. The goal here will be to optimize your product listing for greater sales conversion while increasing your Amazon A9 SEO or product ranking algorithm.

A simple internet search within the industry market sector your product will be launched will return a number of great examples such as a medical device product launch checklist. A generic example of some items that should be included in any product launch plan checklist include:

  • A list of tasks to be performed by different departments, such as production, customer service, and sales.
  • The technical metrics you will be tracking to verify if the product is performing well
  • All product manufacturing processes and/or administrative procedures to support operations
  • Your product support methods which may include a call center, help desk, or service and support

Using a product development checklist template or a product release checklist template can help keep your launch on track because you can plan where, when, and how you will successfully launch your product. It can also include ways that you will build anticipation for your product through advertising, social media, press releases, and crowdfunding platforms.

Your product launch plan and checklist can prepare you to succeed if your company grows very quickly. It can also prevent your product from failing if it doesn’t live up to expectations and gets bad reviews. And sometimes, a product may be revolutionary, but there is simply no market for it. All of these possible scenarios can be avoided with upfront market research and product planning.

Using a Product Launch Plan Template

The best way to use a new product launch ppt download is for breaking down each product launch into phases, then assign milestones or deadlines for all tasks. Your plan can also be used as a visual timeline to track your launch progress. A PowerPoint presentation of a new food product launch ppt presentation may include more graphic images along with your production process.

Successful product launch examples include Unsplash, a Saas startup that used a blog that offered people free photos that did not require any form of attribution. Unsplash grew into a community of more than 8,000 photographers. Another great example is when Google wanted to introduce its Chrome browser to a more diverse market by bringing it to Thailand. They chose to tell the story of Ramakien, a national epic that stems from the Hindu story of Ramayana and focuses on the triumph of good over evil.

These great launch examples likely started with a product launch plan template ppt or a product release plan template that laid out clear goals aligned with messaging and processes for a successful launch. Even a one page product launch plan may be sufficient to manage timelines and keep track of your company goals and employee responsibilities. A good product launch plan template excel free for managing a product launch may include the following 4 areas:

  • Product launch planning – launch date, kickoff meetings, and other launch action items
  • Product positioning and messaging – product names, descriptions, taglines, and other branding
  • Product advertising – press releases, social media campaign, and informational content and graphics
  • Website or ecommerce – product landing page with pricing, product and company information

Product launch templates make it easier than ever to break through the challenges of launching a new product. If you are convinced the world really wants what you have to offer or your new software will have a big impact on the way businesses or consumers operate, then a successful product launch is just the start of your journey.

New Product Launch Marketing Plan Example

Marketing plays a big role in a new product launch and it must be included within your product launch timeline. Your specific marketing plan will depend on how you want to position your product as to how, where, or why it is useful to the consumer. Before you develop a marketing plan, you must have insight into your targeted buyer persona. That includes certain demographics that your product or service will best serve, such as age, income, gender, and maybe geographical location.

Today’s most successful marketing campaigns are mostly digital and will reach more people in less time. Also, some digital avenues are self-promoting such as social media sites where the users will repost or share the news about your new product. Consider following a product launch steps marketing plan that includes some following strategies to get the word out about your upcoming product launch:

  • Offer a product preview to select customers
  • Start a social media contest to connect with the targeted audience
  • Consider running an email marketing campaign or Facebook ads
  • Host a launch event if you are opening within a physical location
  • Share customer reviews and social media posts about your product

Don’t forget to use your product or service website as a major marketing strategy for a new product launch pdf to organically increase your visibility on the internet. Include plenty of search engine optimization best practices within your website pages, such as

  • Keywords – with both exact phrasing and broad variations, questions, or long-tail words related to your product’s main search word
  • Meta Descriptions – a short and attractive summary of your website’s products/services that is invisible on search engines
  • Important text first –  to make sure consumers quickly know what your product is in the shortest amount of time

A free product launch plan template ppt is also a great way to keep all your launch documentation in one location that is easy to find. You also have the benefit of visual identification of any tasks that are approaching a deadline or any responsible persons that may need help in reaching their pre-launch goals.

Release Planning Tools

For SaaS launches, there are a number of software release and management tools that can guide your startup from initial planning all the way to execution. A release plan template excel allows you to create your project schedule from templates with user-defined coding and definitions. Choose the right release plan template Excel to manage your code deployments that will visually highlight important action dates along with the responsible team members.

Your release planning tool can also be used as a ‘checks and balance’ system when you have multiple scheduled releases or to track any organizational changes that may negatively affect your software release plans. Also, consider the advantages of release planning vs sprint planning for your particular product. A sprint plan will cover a time frame of about two to four weeks of planning and is based on an hourly time schedule.

A release plan is a list of actionable items that must be completed in terms of milestones, and these tasks may have an open-ended time-frame, but need to be addressed when the opportunity is right. Use a release planning tool that focuses on which features will be delivered by a pre-determined or rough estimated release date.

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