Sigstr Gives Marketers the Power of Relationships, Introduces Sigstr Pulse

by High Alpha

INDIANAPOLIS – August 8, 2018 – Sigstr, the leading email signature marketing solution, today announced the launch of its new relationship marketing platform, Sigstr Pulse. The platform uses artificial intelligence to map the collective networks of all employees in a company, putting the power of their relationships at marketers’ fingertips.

With Sigstr Pulse, marketers can monitor sales’ engagement with marketing leads, review which accounts have growing relationships and measure how tactics are assisting sales teams in garnering new relationships at key accounts. By tracking and scoring the strength of relationships through analysis of employee email, calendar patterns and CRM data, business leaders can gain valuable and scalable insight into how their marketing and sales efforts are performing at the contact, account, and geographic level. Sigstr Pulse makes it easy for individuals to find and request warm introductions from trusted peers through a global search tool. Additional upcoming integrations with CRMs, marketing automation platforms and account-based marketing platforms like Terminus, allow marketers to easily target specific audiences and analyze how business relationships flourish.

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