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Startup Funding News

If you have a good idea for a product or service that you’d like to develop and take to market, you know that you’re going to need funding, sometimes substantial funding, to make that dream a reality. Funding for this type of venture goes beyond asking your brother-in-law for a loan or maxing out your credit cards. In most cases, you’ll need hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce your product en masse, market and distribute them, and hire all of the people necessary to bring your company to life.

Where do you begin to look for startup funding? One of the best places to start is to look at a list of startup companies in the USA and see where they received their seed funding. This type of startup funding news can be be found on websites like Crunchbase, a platform that makes it easy to find business information about public and privately-held companies. You can look at recently funded companies to see if their funding sources might work for you, read thumbnail profiles of successful entrepreneurs and venture capital professionals. You can also look at the latest market trends to see how your product or service will be work in the current marketplace.

In addition to Crunchbase, you can try some Crunchbase competitors for startup funding news, sites like Pitchbook and Owler. Pitchbook is a seed funding news website that uses machine learning and AI to make sure that its information is up-to-date, so you know that want you’re reading is current.

Most startup news sites will give you articles, podcasts and videos about new startups. Most also have a “startup” category, so you can filter out other news you may not want to read right away. Another great feature on startup news sites is interviews with entrepreneurs with new startups at various stages in the incubation process. Building a business from the ground up can sometimes be a lonely venture and you’re not likely to have any friends who are on the same path at the same time. Listening to and reading about other startup entrepreneurs can take away some of that feeling of isolation. Plus, who couldn’t use a few new ideas or insights?

Just a few sources of startup funding include accelerators like Y Combinator and Techstars as well as incubators run by professional investors, government entities and industry leaders. You can look at a startup funding websites, such as Crowdfunding and SeedInvest. There are also many government grants and subsidies from federal, state and local sources.

Venture Capital Funding News 

Seeking venture capital is a specific way to fund your startup business. Venture capital (VC) refers to private equity financing provided by companies that specialize in helping fledging companies get off of the ground and thrive. These VC companies will likely take a very active role in your new business and generally take a financial stake in the company in exchange for their seed money. They may help train you, help you hire your staff, help plan your manufacturing and marketing and even sit on your board.

Look for venture capital funding news on websites like VC News Daily, PitchBook and TechCrunch. Again, knowing where other companies have been able to do to find funding for their startup businesses can give you ideas on how to obtain funding for your own business. In addition to scouring venture capital news, you might also find it helpful to subscribe to a venture capital newsletter, such StrictlyVC, A16Z and CB Insights.

Exploring venture capital funding sources can yield big returns if you can find the right fit for your nascent business. For example, some of the highest seed funding in recent years have included $25 million to 21-year-old Lucas Duplan for a mobile payment app that he developed while going to school at Stanford University and $25 million for “The Minerva Project”, a project that seeks to reinvent higher education in the United States. The largest series A funding in 2019 went to China’s Tenglong Holding Group, which secured $3.7 billion from Morgan Stanley Venture Partners. (Series A funding refers to a company’s first or initial round of funding.)

World Startup News 

Of course, you don’t have to limit your search to finding funding from US investors. Depending on your product or service, there are plenty of sources of funding outside of the US that may be interested in financing your startup company. Look for world startup news on websites like TechCrunch and Crunchbase, which offer international startup news as well as startup news USA. For more country-specific news, try sites like and for startup news UK or and for startup news India. Actually, some of the most interesting startup news around the world is coming from places like India, China, South Korea and Israel. 

Tech Startup News  

Tech companies continue to dominate the field of new startups and they require a funding source that understands the dream, the vision and the product. Usually that means a funding source or venture capital company that has experience and knowledge in computer, electronic, robotics or other cutting edge technology. The good news for you if your startup company features a technology product or service is that there are a number of funding sources that specialize in funding tech startups. 

To find current tech funding news, we suggest visiting TechCrunch, an online news website that focuses exclusively on the tech sector. and also have a generous amount of tech startup news amid their other tech articles. Again, it makes sense to look who obtained tech startup funding recently with products and services that are similar to yours and where they found funding.

High Alpha invests and builds B2B SaaS companies and we are always looking for new, innovative entrepreneurs and companies to support. To learn more about working with us to scale your business, and to schedule an appointment to see if we are a good fit for your idea and company, visit Just a few of our success stories include Anvl, workforce first safety software; Lessonly, team learning and training software; and Zylo, software to improve manage and track your company’s software spend.

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