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User Onboarding

User onboarding a crucial part of any program. With the wide age range of end users, it is important to provide an option for users to become familiar with the program once they subscribe. The elements of user onboarding vary from program to program, however, it is always beneficial to provide a walkthrough of the most common buttons the end user may need. It is also a good idea to highlight the help section to avoid a numerous amount of emails for a simple solution that is already available in help documentation. A user onboarding presentation is typically recommended for highly detailed and/or complicated programs as this presentation can go further in depth than a simple pop up on the screen can. The best user onboarding tear down will fully explain the program and help improve the level of success an end user can achieve. In this post, we will fully go over the aspects of user onboarding for products, customers, and software. We will also go over the benefits of templates and provide some user onboarding examples to help give you inspiration on how you can better help you end users find success with your own program/software.

Product Onboarding

Product onboarding is absolutely critical for software-based companies as many end users have not used the program in the past. Due to the priotary knowledge that is utilized to design an individual software so it stands out from the crowd, users may or may not have seen a specific user in face before. When you are creating your onboarding design it is imperative to look at the product as a brand new end user. This can be difficult for B2B onboarding designers as they typically have worked thoroughly with the program. Since they know the ins and outs of how the product works, it can be difficult to create the application onboarding necessary to truly impro e an end users success. It is important to look through B2B onboarding examples that are successful at improving the user experience because this will help mold and drive your own product onboarding. User onboarding research is also beneficial because you can stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest user onboarding statistics that show which methods work and which methods don’t.

Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding in an effective and efficient way is critical to success for your specific program or software. Without customer onboarding, you may lose customers during their initial learning period as they are not sure what to do or who to contact if that have any issues. It’s important to look at customer onboarding metrics and data when you initially launch your software or program so you can begin to mold your customer onboarding to your users. Your client onboarding statistics will show you what is efficient at improving the end users’ experience and what should simply be cut from customer onboarding. When you review your onboarding UX patterns, you will be able to better understand how your end users truly interact with the onboarding experience you have developed. If you consider onboarding program names, these can be fun and effective ways to truly interact with your clients/end users. You can get creative with have a fun mascot or you can stay cut and dry. Depending on your end user, you will need to determine which method will resonate most with your audience. Remember one thing: with effective customer onboarding, you can increase your customer retention and avoid high customer churn.

Best Onboarding Experiences

The best onboarding experiences can help you retain more customers and win more people compared to your competitors. When you consider the best-in-class onboarding programs, many of them focus on quickly, yet effectively, providing the necessary information that improves the user experience and the users’ ability to use the program or software. It’s important to remember that the best desktop onboarding is for both employees and customers. When you provide the best employee onboarding experiences, you can expect to see higher performance rates and better employee retention rates. Educated employees can provide the best in class service customers expect. Along with employee onboarding, it’s imperative to have the best customer onboarding experiences available. When the program is fully explained and easy to use, customers will stay loyal to you program and even recommend to others. Customer service and ease of use can be the reason that you have more clients than your competitors.

Customer Onboarding Template

When it comes to customer onboarding, it’s crucial to use a customer onboarding template. An onboarding roadmap template approach to onboarding customers can consistently deliver an incredible value every time. When you are creating your product onboarding checklist, it’s important to think through every aspect of the program. Even though you are well versed in how to use the programs along with all of the ins and the outs, your end user will likely not be as familiar with the program. Your SaaS onboarding checklist should include login, product/user registration, help documents, forums, support, and more. Along with customer onboarding, remember it’s important to dedicate the same time and effort to employee onboarding. If you aren’t sure what to include, you can view some employee onboarding examples online that show you how to fully explain the program and/or software to your employees. The better informed your employees are, the better they will perform.

Website Walkthrough Software

A website walkthrough software is incredibly useful when onboarding users. User onboarding software can help your users better learn the program so they become long term, loyal clients. When you are looking for the website walkthrough software for your product and/or software, be sure to look for one that has product tour software. You need to ensure they specialize in produce the onboarding experience you clients deserve. You can find “guide me software” online and request a demo. You should always look at the interactive onboarding app from the eyes of someone who has never used your program and/or software before. You need to ensure the customer onboarding software covers all of the basics and has options for going more in depth so that your onboarding experience can help your clients feel more informed and adept at using your service.

Onboarding Training

There may come a time where everything can be done online in regards to onboarding training. You may need to take a hands-on approach to user onboarding. While this isn’t the norm in our society these days, meeting face to face may be the difference between prodivind average, non converting onboarding training and creating the loyal clients your B2B company desires for your product and/or software. Face to face onboarding is typically done with an in-person meeting at the client’s office. You can utilize your sales team to provide these meetings. Not only will this provide your sales team an opportunity to up-sell, but it will also ensure they are fully knowledgeable in the product and/or software your company is selling. Remember that app onboarding best practices include breaking down the service in layman’s terms. Your explanation and onboarding shouldn’t be complicated. Anyone who is sitting in the onboarding training should fully understand your product and/or service upon the conclusion of the training.

User Onboarding Examples

Onboarding training can be difficult to imagine in your own mind, especially if you know your product and/or service like the back of your own hand. Consider come of the user onboarding example below that you can mimic for your own software. These examples are backed by user onboarding statistics that proves how effective they are at improving the end users’ experience.

Netflix Onboarding

Netflix onboarding begins even before anyone signs up for their service. Right from the home page, Netflix explains exactly what an end user will experience when they sign up. They can view and stream most of their favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere for a specific price. When users are ready to get started, they get a free trial to see if they want to continue with the service or drop it. From their, Netflix onboarding asks for the end user’s current favorite TV shows and movies to provide them with a personalized experience. It’s easy to personalize Netflix, and their onboarding points out exactly how to do so with ease.

Duolingo Onboarding

Duolingo onboarding is incredibly simple. When you land on their homepage, there is only a single button for a user to click to get started. Users can select the language they want to learn. The Duolingo design is simple and easy to follow, which greatly improves the user experience. There is minimal clutter, so users can focus on which language they want to learn. The Duolingo product design incorporates the most popular languages for a user to select, and they do a great job of pointing out a user can learn languages free, forever. From there, the Duolingo gamification walks the user through how the product works and allows the user to begin learning a new language instantly.

Along with the two aforementioned examples, consider TurboTax onboarding, Intercom onboarding, Evernote onboarding, Sonos onboarding, and Slack onboarding. All of these companies provide similar popups that are optional for the user to view. For some, products may be simple to figure out. However, for others (especially those who are not so in tune with technology), user onboarding is not only beneficial – it’s an absolute necessity.

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