The Perfect Time to Start a Company Is Now

by High Alpha
Picture of the High Alpha office with the High Alpha logo.

The market landscape has undergone significant transformations in the past two years. We’ve heard the story: rising interest rates, declining M&A and IPO activities, LinkedIn feeds filled with professionals open to work. This reality may prompt aspiring entrepreneurs to question, “Is this the right time to start a company?” The answer is unequivocally yes.

At High Alpha, we are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead and are actively exploring new ideas. Why you might ask? Our answer is threefold. 

This image shows three reasons why it is a good time to start a company: talent tsunami, big cloud's silver lining, and AI explosion.

The Talent Pool is Vast

The recent wave of tech layoffs has created an extensive talent pool eagerly awaiting their next career move. In 2023 alone, an estimated 150,000 individuals have been laid off from prominent tech companies, including industry giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Meta. While these layoffs carry a negative connotation, they present an opportunity for your founding team to secure top-tier talent and shape the trajectory of your company’s success.

Big Clouds are Leveraging Startups

As corporations increasingly prioritize profitability and operating cash flow, innovation tends to decelerate. To fuel creativity and inject fresh ideas, larger companies are turning to startups. These collaborations offer new revenue streams and what can sometimes be a lifeline in navigating the challenging market landscape.

Generative AI is Opening Doors

The recent surge in Generative AI technology has unlocked previously untapped opportunities. New businesses are on the horizon, and companies are allocating significant financial resources to tap into this market. A recent bi-annual survey conducted by CNBC revealed that 47% of top technology officers, including chief information security officers and chief technology officers, consider artificial intelligence as their primary budgetary focus for the upcoming year.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, future founders must seize this opportunity. The current climate presents an ideal time to start a company, and we at High Alpha are eager to embark on this journey alongside you. Equipped with our expertise and extensive network, we are well-positioned to take you to market better and faster.