Allegion + High Alpha: Tech Talks

by High Alpha

Recently, High Alpha Partner Eric Tobias sat down with Rob Martens of Allegion to talk about a variety of topics in tech right now. Rob Martens is Futurist and President of the newly formed, Allegion Ventures. Allegion Ventures is a $50 million corporate innovation fund formed to accelerate the growth of innovative tech and products, specifically companies making buildings smarter and more secure or technology that provides easier, more secure access to buildings. Rob was recently named by Inc. magazine as one of the “20 influencers who will lead the Internet of Things” and recognized by Accenture and Forbes as one of “40 IoT leaders to follow.”

In Allegion’s video series, “Tech Talks with High Alpha”, Rob and Eric dive into some commonly discussed topics in the world of tech startups and the growing tech community from scaling to company culture and more, bringing in a unique view as both operators and venture investors in the world of technology.

Check out all five videos in the series below:

How to Scale a Tech Company

Every Company Is a Tech Company

How Large Companies Can Learn to Move at the Speed of Tech

Culture Matters

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