The Rise of Coaching Networks with Gordon Ritter, Emergence Capital Founder and General Partner

by High Alpha

In May 2017, Founder and General Partner of Emergence Capital, Gordon Ritter joined High Alpha Managing Partner Scott Dorsey for our monthly Speaker Series. 

Prior to founding Emergence, Gordon spent over fifteen years founding and building companies that pioneered new markets. One of these was Software As Service, a web services platform company he co-founded with Marc Benioff. Before that, he ran IBM’s $3 billion Global Small Business division.

Gordon gave a presentation around the Rise of Coaching Networks and the next era of software that won’t be based on forms. In this episode, we revisit Gordon’s Speaker Series where you’ll learn:

  • Gordon’s background in SaaS and his coaching network thesis
  • Evolution of the software sector
  • How fast the SaaS investing market is today
  • His coaching network thesis