Navigating Entrepreneurship in the Wedding Industry with Justin Delaney, Founder of Menguin – Episode 1.11

by High Alpha

In August of 2018, Justin Delaney sat down with Scott Dorsey to discuss his journey to entrepreneurship and the origin behind his company, Meguin.

Menguin is an online tuxedo rental startup that takes the entire, timely process of renting a tuxedo online. The idea came to Delaney in 2011 as an MBA student at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. After receiving his MBA, Delaney moved to Arkansas to continue scaling the business with key investors.

Menguin quickly became one of the largest online tuxedo rental companies, growing 800% annually. In September 2017, Menguin was acquired by Generation Tux, a leading online suit and tuxedo rental company founded by menswear legend George Zimmer. Justin is now a Managing Director at Ikigai Capital.

In this episode, we revisit Justin’s Speaker Series where you’ll learn:

  • What it takes to effectively navigate entrepreneurship in the wedding industry
  • Effective marketing online using Google and social media 
  • How to get unstuck throughout your entrepreneurial journey
  • How to build your business from the customer voice