High Alpha Launches Portfolio-Wide Women’s Development Group Dubbed Blue Angels

by High Alpha

Initiative will continue to grow workforce diversity and provide unique professional development platform for women at High Alpha companies

INDIANAPOLIS — June 22, 2017 — High Alpha, a leading Indianapolis-based venture studio, announced today the launch of Blue Angels, a formal professional development initiative for women at High Alpha portfolio companies. The initiative, which was formed in late 2016, is designed to support High Alpha’s commitment to a diverse workforce and provide a unique platform for the women in their portfolio companies to advance their professional development and community outreach. This week, High Alpha is publicly launching the official Blue Angels brand and a broader vision for the program.

“After our initial success, we decided to formalize the program, expand its impact and name the program the ‘Blue Angels.’ The Blue Angels will provide tremendous value to the women that work across High Alpha companies,” said High Alpha VP of Talent M.T. Ray. “This gives our portfolio companies a unique differentiator as we continue to attract, retain and develop top-tier talent at our companies.”

The Blue Angels’ mission is to help the 70+ women in tech at High Alpha companies to build deeper relationships, have a platform for more intentional professional development and represent women in tech in Indianapolis. The program has already started to address this through regular meetings with guest speakers, smaller support and mentoring groups called “squadrons” and focused community outreach like their partnerships with Indy Women in Tech, Nextech and Dress for Success Indianapolis.

“The underrepresentation of women in tech is a complex issue that occurs across the talent pipeline—from early education to employee attraction, retention and development,” said High Alpha Managing Partner Scott Dorsey. “High Alpha is committed to leveraging our unique capabilities to address this problem, including the Talent Services we provide portfolio companies, our venture fund and cross-portfolio programs like Blue Angels.”

Indianapolis was recently ranked the fourth best city for women in tech according to SmartAsset’s 2017 Top Cities for Women in Tech report. The Blue Angels initiative will continue to bring more diversity across the High Alpha portfolio’s 230 employees.

To learn more about open career opportunities at High Alpha and its portfolio companies visit highalpha.com/jobs.

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